Monday, December 27, 2010

wah.. nice blog. btw, what's your life's principle?

thanks. not much of a junk i wrote day after another. life's principle; easy. use every opportunity to live well and never look back to mistakes as mistakes and problems you'll never faced again as the road of life full of uncertainties and questions may lie ahead of us. they might be useful, in short, once fall, twice shy. seriously, to get hold on the world nowadays, being positive is an absolute need everyone must have. peace:)

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buses on Booms

dear readers,

several times this weeks we heard about buses in accident and stuffs. but not what i've experienced.

i was lucky enough that i have manage to get home safe and sound. no doubt about the treacherous time my friends, other passengers and me had gone through. we were scolded for even asking.

the story started with a twisted twist, we have to change our bus with another one. and apparently, the bus we were about to get into, were about to undergo damages and some booms. almost explosive.

i' ve seen and observed the conditions of the bus and it seemed that some people were lingering around the back side of the bus where the engines were at. i thought it was a minor screw lost or something even more simple. therefore, we went on board.

suddenly, on the road, a suspicious odour smells like rotten woods from fire longed on the bus. thinking that it may be my friend releasing gases from bacterial activities in his intestine, i do nothing and keep silence. when, the smell got even heavier there were smokes everywhere, i can barely see the front. then, a quick boom boomed at the back of the bus, idk if anyone heard it, but it may be visible and audible by us who sat at the very back of the bus. seriously, a spark sparked out causing the bus to stop and the passengers to get off.

then, the drama got even more better, where a friend asked why didnt they (the people in charge) order up new bus for us. He got scolded right through his face. seriously, even i got the urge to slap him over again, more than a pound attack by Jigglypuff in pokemon. wek! haha.

well, we were marooned for almost 4 hours in the middle of nowhere at all and the substitute bus arrived at 8.45 sth. we arrived safe and sound at 1.00 in the afternoon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Family Asasi Sains Grand Dinner; not many will attend. Whats up?!

dear readers,

theres two things to talk about;
but first thing first.

I'm all super psych up for the soon to come Grand dinner
which ought to be the Grandest of Grands and the marvelous of superb. yes baby, a Happy Family Asasi Sains Grand dinner will be held soon. And i still had nothing appropriate and real as the Theme are as festive as festivals in the Western region of planet Earth. Picture this, people with fancy clothes slumbering along the walk of the Shah Alam Convention Center with a mask on, as secretive as they can be with a total make over with tons of make-up and lashes and stuffs; always the girls and none of the boys. Yes, its a Masquerade Party.

oh oh oh. i know you are all excited. let us go to the second thing.

Rumors had it, not many are going. or is it the solid truth? let us see how this will affect people attending the occasion.

1. Less picture will be taken
2. Pay more for nothing more
3. Miserables with expensive wears and apparels with less sighted as glamorous
4. Some more are too hard to tell. Its offensive

Idk why but i care why.

Those who are not going respond negatively because of the payment which is none off the expensive and are of the affordable. The maximum total amount will be collected is RM70. somehow, its maximum including RM30 cash deposit. The organizers are pleading for sponsors to support our night of togetherness. Then, the maximum will decrease, nonetheless, be more affordable than that of 70 dollars. In fact, if it takes RM70, i wouldnt care much, because it is for sure to be worth of it. Well, at least i'm supportive.

Thats all for today. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You've got a date, and in the middle of the date, somehow, you suddenly remembered that you've forgotten to apply deodorant that day, you're getting worried if your partner would discover any unpleasant smell from your body. how would you react?

this is how; i will stop moving and relax. Unpleasant smell comes from a vigorous activities related to metabolism and stuffs. When, u're feeling down and depressed or worried about something, your hormonal reaction will somehow boost and the reactions near your epidermal will cause you sweating. Then, sweat will release unpleasant smell. and therefore, if i'm cool enough, i dont have nothing much too worry about my smell etc. Thank You!

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saya suka awak

saya suka awak jugak. HOHO. sapakah ini?!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Good and Bad Girls; Seriously, i've seen it.

dear potentially-to-be-girl reader,

i know the title is of offensive and sexist, but its the truth. I've seen it with my very on naked eye.>
it all started on a misty morning around eligible 8 o'clock where still cycling or walking the bicycle up the mountain high college of Rafflesia in Puncak Alam. Some jogged, i can see the exhausted faces of people riding solo and i-dont-know-why happy faces of one of my friend, Amirul Mukminin pacing through the pavement with seamlessly no exhaustion at all. (huh?)

on the other hand, i was in the bus, making my way to Shah Alam and then to Pyramid of Sunway. Although the bus is not as full as usual, all the seats were taken and occupied. hoho.

after the bus traveled a distance near Meru, apposing the bus direction, were a Lady around 49 tops and her son of 10 maybe, trying to stop the bus to ride in. the bus stopped and fetched them. and still, no seats were left by eager people on going to the Pyramid.

and there, the old Lady dangled with the bus tangling around the swaying full-of-early-transportation road and her son was having difficulty balancing going back and forth.

in a matter of minutes, 2 girls with kind hearts over rated my feelings towards every girl on planet Earth. They stood up and asked the dwindling defenseless old lady and little kid to sit at theirs. Sitting at almost the last seat on the bus, the now-standing girls seems very familiar. and i got one right, it was Nazurah of D5, with her friend which i don t know who. and if you Nazurah or the other girl reading this, i bid Thank you. I'm ultimately glad that there are still hospitality and generosity among Malaysian. yes, I'm proud to be a Malaysian.

the slowly, after almost one hour and a half, we reached the Grand Pyramid.
Bla bla Bla done.

and oh, we watched Ngankung and apparently, its not that bad, its just nice. A bit of laughter were released from my mouth because its funny sometimes and i'm sure most of you who have watched it, would not be satisfied with such an ending. oh. am i writing a film review? so not.


Bla bla bla done shopping, done eating, done everything. and its 5.30, and its time to go home.

You know how easy perception changed, is just a matter of gesture. a selfish act that burdens people with hatred and disgust in their mind on that particular event or time. seriously.

as the bus arrived, people were barely breathing and care of no one at all. they wanted a sit or more. in this case, more.

there's this girl, wearing complex yellow tudung with brownish vintage handbag. all of a sudden, she came out of nowhere and stand to the right which was not a place to stand and wait to climb the stairs into the bus at all, beside my friend, and stole his way by going up first on the bus. now that was rude. and suddenly too, perception changed. oh i remember watching Confession of a Shopaholic, womens were fighting to buy almost everything. so, is she a bus-o-holic? tell for your self.

i felt like saying this to her face;

"hey you look good, i see you want to secure a place for you and some for your friends over there. Maybe you should buy a bus, WITH YOUR FACE ON IT!"

eeeeee. adrenaline boosted. hoho. sabar sabar.

by whatever cause, she crossed the line. but somehow, i still believe that Nazurah and the other girl on the first place are almost angels. they are kind, not like the selfish girl idk-who.

thats it. thanks a lot peps.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Powerful words that inspire.

dear readers,

Later on previous days, I made myself as eager as a hungry homeless beaver, and excitedly made my way to lecture hall to attend a Physics class by Mr. Haji Ahmad which is probably the best Physics lecturer on board. (is it?)

He then, threw words by words meant for this last semester from educations, pointers and finally to motivating motivation. One genius phrase came out of his mouth, perhaps after lunch, still quenching taste and figuring out how to get rid of pieces of food left unbroken besides those teeht of his.

The phrase is genius enough to inspire 200 or more students in the shabby lecture hall with elegant lights dimming. This may sound ridiculous but it helps a lot. Read oh.

*rephrasing his words*

Students, words are powerful enough that it set our minds into a working machine. Instead of using the phrase " i have to", why don't we make it easier, use " i choose to".

get the idea?

for instance, " i have to study hard" and " i choose to study hard".
see? the main prominence is to leave u with a choice, wise mind choose wise. The choose is always had been yours. Its never anyones.

then, screw this; " i have to pray" and "i choose to pray". (HOW?)

but, as far as i concerned, through out our blessed life till today, we have been making decision and choices everyday every time. minutes and seconds matter too. the idea is not to give you less concern but to give you choices instead of a vital throw that gives out negativity like stresses and strains and also unfit non-productive being.

so, take control of your minds, choose wise because the one who will be affected is definitely you and yourself only.

Consider you are still studying and you have homework to do. Yes, you have to finish them. somehow, set your mind to ; i choose to finish my work. When you choose to, you will do it for yourself no matter what and other Wh questions. stop listening to stupid conscience that leads to nowhere and for what the future holds bad.

Rejoice and hear the sound of my voice.
Thank you Sir Ahmad Haji, i see physics can be fun. because i choose to. (wek) haha.

I choose to stop right here. See. i stop.

thank you.

Friday, November 19, 2010

and i go.

dear loyal beloved readers,

my 7 weeks of holiday is almost at its end; tomorrow night, i'll be departing and start making my way to Puncak Alam. oh. 

obviously, its boring to stay at home, and its pathetic to stay at the Puncak. but, in some cases, home is way much better. aaaaaaah.

and so, what a seven weeks brought me are none of boredom but a lot of excitement that eagerly-awaits to continue on my next holiday. when is it?! IDK. below are my contented-things i've done in this almost 2 month holiday:

download a bunch of non rated movies and some top box offices.

a gay glee marathon season one till the latest episode in season 2 trice!

watched too much of Shane Dawsons' and some of Brittany Louise Taylors' which are extremely awesome.

went overboard the fat-making express till i stop weighing.

keeping my self inspired by listening to songs i loved.

played multiple of new songs on the piano as well as sing to it.

download cool phone theme!

updating my phone playlist from Glee-less to Glee-full.

and the one i love the most is; i finished Pokemon season 1 and season 2 marathon! oh!

and some more i forgot.

well, i guess this second semester i thought i would be gasping for more knowledge then ever so that i can achieve a minimum of 3.5 average CGPA for the 2nd semester. oh. i wish i can. wish me good luck.

and i go.

and for sure, i'll keep my blog updated when it comes to things interesting enough to blog about. thats all.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

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MY ACCIDENT; this may sound like i bumped into a humongous lorry

dear readers,

noon today, i had gone through a horrible and terrifying experience that can be worse and may happen to anyone almost anywhere except for a huge field with endless ground to run free. is it? well, whatever, i bumped into an accident.

okay, its not an accident. its just a mere scratch naked eye would able to see in distance far enough to see it. though its just a scratch, it was agonizingly painful to just see it, because its on a brand new car. (oh, oh, oh). so heres the story from A to Z.

that noon, i drove my peroton Pesona to Kelantan's most favourite place, where else; KBMALL lah! i went underground to park because its noon, the suns hot than ever, it dances graceful enough that it may melt everything except for concretes and hard stuffs. (HAHAHA) and i thought it would be chilly down there, apparently, it tend to get hotter as i drove steadily looking for a nice place to park.

tadaaaaa. a place and some more at the last curve. i picked one close enough to the super pillar and the mighty wall. so, i was struggling with R and D, back and forth, tot tet tot tet, and ahhh. its hard and its super small. what was i thinking, idk, theres more place to park and even bigger. well, i guess we cant go turning back time. lalala. apekes.

then, one struck of reverse R, dabushh. there goes the side mirror and some ugly wide scratches end of story.

okay, its not as bad as its sound. or does it even considered as accident? haha. it involved me, my car and the pillar ONLY. there, its on the title kot. "this may sound like i bumped into a lorry wtv..". HAHA.

i traumatized, being scolded, being told a bad driver etc. well idc. trauma will last until next year. HAHA. bengong je,, 

this is one of my best experience ever. i thought me lesson, driving lesson and some other stuffs. haha. see. mistakes is the best teacher. wekk! =P

and Alhamdulillah i'm fine. and this messages goes to everyone. drive safely, remember the one who loves you! i ♥ u, drive carefully lah okay?!

and i am Mohamad Fitri bin Dzulkifli, 18 years old, and i once involved in an accident. super proud of myself. GILA.

okaylah. thats all. and i'm on my road to redemption. HAHA.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Education Status = Good Future??

dear readers,

having no intent to hurt anyone at all, i posted this as my point of view and have nothing to do with anyone or anything happening around everyone except for my MUET practices. LOL.

people perceptions today are of PROSPERITY aka MONEY and ways to get them easy and fast. one of the way is to have a good education.

Good education here may vary to several opinion.

Opinion one; Stable and equal Education where people ought to do books and sports in a balance portion of both and good social life with average CGPA of 3.5 and above.

Opinion two; achieve CGPA 4.oo. (ohh??) which means books are forever.

Opinion three; co-curriculum

opinion two is rather as annoying as opinion three. seriously, no offense, but if you're in it, it seems that you lost control of your life, you'll face problems you may not expect before days after. but whatever, theres no one like that. (yeah??). 

this type of kids are ought to be successful enough but somehow they may face several challenges as well.

what if i say that education may help only for about 60% and another is 40% goes to luck and else?


as a living mortal until now, i saw lots of underestimated people who are worthless during their school days and somehow, they achieve even greater successes in life which out-compete the people from opinion one, two and three.

yes there are sports scholarship but they ended up being in locker rooms filled with dirty socks and stinky jocks towels and stuffs. and the people from opinion two will usually become less aggressive and start tumbling down a fault they did before which is only keeping themselves in the room with books and only books which unable them to satisfy the needs of healthy relationship between the earthlings that will eventually cost them suffering in finding jobs and and some suffer in communications problems. and hell yes the soft skills are soft yet extremely important.

what say you. so, if you're an average good Joe to nature and other people an even achieve the average grade of below expectations from your mom and dad and others (assumed 3.5), theres time. polish everything up and you're making your way to victory. fall today doesnt mean falling forever.

and that's life i'm talking about.

Good Luck.

thats all. Thanks. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stop Liking this page. Unlike immediately.

dear readers,

Browsing through groups on Facebook, no one knows the corruption and hatred that caused humiliations and shames to the world’s largest community; The Muslims. I was too. Until yesterday, my friend studying in Russia shared something beyond our logical knowledge.  If someone who ought to join the group namely I’m proud to be a Muslim, with the link beware, before the joining starts, you might want to read this.

The non-Muslims, mostly stupid Jews are screwing up against us, the Muslims.

Just look at the picture? aaaa.

They posted hatred against Islamic culture and most of it is their pride of their own falsity in their humanly-created religion. They’re posting stupid jokes that may offend people. Why on earth do they do that? I have no idea other than their hatred and etc.

Some of them posted on the wall telling the world, that Muslims are terrorists which are completely false. Their inappropriate small but deeply annoying and offensive doings will somehow occasionally leads to more wars. And we do not want that to happen.

start your part now; stop liking this page, unlike, and ignore and be patience, because its the best we can do. seriously, i hated to do so, and i feel like fighting however, the we, the Muslims, know whats best for us. 

Share with your friends on Facebook, etc. Tell them the truth!

thats all. thanks!

Monday, October 18, 2010

what r the naughtiest thing u hav done during ur school time????

OMG. i'm a loyal student. never been naughty. the naughtiest would be talking to my friend about algebraic formula and how to solve it while the teacher is giving us a 5 minutes free time. LMAO.

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share-share moment:what r the most scariest ghost movie u hav seen????

none. i'm not afraid of any ghost. despite their existence, they linger around us right now. i mean it. but only in different dimensions where ghostly ghoul things are. Unfortunately, we cant see them much unless they wanted u to see them. And they see u everytime. ROTFLMAO. and I can even think that its unfair for us because they can and we cant. so, by fault, i'm not bragging, i'm stating.

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share2 moment:if u become a pro murderer,what kind of person u wanna killed????

Bush and family and all the people practicing black occult including Freemasonry and Illuminaty. But, killing people will just bring suffering to the world. what if someone wants to kill your family etc, you'll sure be a giant ball of tears. The best solution is not to kill and negotiate.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

SONG COVER: The Only Exception Piano Cover by Fitri!

dear listeners,

well, heres a new one. i'm literally sorry because the intro is pathetic enough because i can get it right. yet, it sounds great i guess. i'm really sorry if its bad to you because i done this by my ears and hands and fingers. Its originate from Paramore - The only exception!

enough with the talking.

click to download.

The Only Exception Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

or, virtually listen here. click to play.

 say something. share the joy. share on facebook, tumblr, my space, etc. thanks.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Last Airbender - My Personal Review

dear readers,

Recently, i had watched a movie from M Night Shyamalam, The Last Airbender. I was entirely attracted to write this review because of i was expecting something better than just windy apparel of the Air bending.

Here goes.

so, i see a lot of effort in completing such an Epic Nickelodeon's original cartoon series. The effort somehow was worthless. well, not entirely worthless but it's pathetic. 

The effect can be improved. Water bending looks like water bursting out slowly from a melting ice berg. The Air bending looks like the windy breeze at the sea, slow and steady. The Fire bending looks like it comes from a over-heated oven. Meanwhile the Earth bending seems like a accidentally fallen cupboard. Seriously, they dont look alive and look like a total FAKE. The scene where Prince Zuko, the banished prince of the Fire Nation fighting with Aang, the Avatar, was not poor.

The Characterization is way too different than the original cartoon series which makes the supposed-to-be-an-Epic a big failure. Where did the immature and playful Aang we used to know in the cartoon series? Is he suddenly turning into a serious monk, covering the tattoos and have a chubby cheeks? And of course, Katara is good enough and Soka not bad at times.

The plot is also less attractive, leaving the people clueless like; whats that and hows that???. In short it is very brief. Along the cartoon series, a lot had happen which makes it more interesting and alive as if we can feel the connection and what going on between Aang and Katara already. But in this recent movie, the plot is too brief that people are not entirely loving it. The reason is not to waste time and made the movie runtime a day play.

Somehow, I will look forward for the next movie, book 2 and book 3. I bet there are rational explanations for each points i've rebutted like, minimizing the budgets, lack of time and support and etc. Hence, I apologize.

Thats all. Thanks

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i see the joy on Grandma's face. Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri

dear beloved loyal readers,

and i am sure that most of you guys are home or at least on their way or making their way to the desired destinations. yet, i home like 5 days ago.

and i see the joy on my Tok Mek's face as there are lots of people coming and the Raya soon too. Which means, all of her beloved beauty and handsome princes and princesses are here from far away to celebrate the gay day together. And yet, there are some of them, been in the traffic jam! oh, how pity.

but with all the merry voices that keep the house cheering out loud uttering "yeah, yeah! esok raya!", the joy on her face never fades.

Its been two Hari Raya my grandma been through without my grandpa. But she waved it like it had never torn her apart. She smiled. Way to go Tok Mek! ♥ U!

and ouh, seriously, the preparation is not fully done yet, i need to roll my sleeves up so that i can pitch in. Cleaning crud-up in the kitchen. Scrub the stubborn mildew stain to that gay refrain. Vacuum up carpets, the fan and polishing the mirrors. ouh!
and now i actually feels like having all the dazzle of Hari Raya. It tomorrow dude! haha. seriously, cant wait. but i'll wait.

dari Fitri dan Isteri-isteri! yeah!
thats it. thanks yawwww.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

15 days to go, Salam Ramadhan.

dear bloggers (Beloved).

patient kills. i've barely remember how hard it is to keep on writing. now i know, the frustation that vows in, will cause the feel to right. If its not frustation, its something else. Its an energy. Relatively to the first Thermodynamics law. Yes, it is energy.

and suddenly, theres 15 more days left before the grand raya! yeay!
how fast time flies? EXTREMELY.

these late 15 days thought me that i'm not alone in anything.
the fact that theres always your friends right behind you is seriously, undeniable.
a lot happen the days before;

1st- happy days with fyling-soon friend. break our fast at the PKNS complex's pavement. and went sight-seeing in SACC Mall and Plaza Alam Sentral for a bowl. 2nd- daily Bazaar Ramadhan at Padang Kawad Uitm Puncak Alam. costy and not to shabby. 3rd- 15 successful days of fasting.

and a lot more, to much too tell.

and after
Test 2. ouh. so much for a test i cant test good.

and thats it. later yaww.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hard to excel? what to do? HELP

dear readers,

i ran through an error in blogging few weeks before, i confronted it well, somehow, i'm back.

the thing that startles me the most is the competition in achieving super-high results in finals. but wondering with such condition, will just cause me pressure and mood-swing. But then, when it comes to something like this, i cant afford to tell myself an inspiring stories written for Hallmark, instead, i sleep and wakes up with attention and power; power to forget problems and continue living a dignified, full with fallacies and frauds-full life.

but hey, does the problems solved?. they dont. they merely, just behind me. i forget a second and remember the next. therefore, the saying; what goes around comes around.

and yes, i fear such challenges. Challenges that may fail me. Made others run an office of money-making, controls the global fundamental market, gives labels to worlds for aliens to descend from Mars and start living in planet Earth or delivers people by minutes to Moon by a specialized shuttle. Its not impossible except FOR THE ALIEN THINGS.

how do i cope with such situation then?

i have therefore wilt to study hard, like really hard to excel. stop the worldly delusion around me, start discussing Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, do every single work, wilt to try all Maths, mind-boggling questions with no such thing as NO and succeed.

I have no other choice but to surrender to mighty conscience that tells everything.
going to get out of this comfort zone. i'm leaving. bye.

remember this, we appose, God may disposes. Pray for better effect yaww!

thats all. later on then.

Friday, July 23, 2010

goodbye, goodbye

dear readers,

since the college is a bit far, i'll be gone for now because it takes like 6 hours of butt-cramps on the bus to arrive, and therefore, Puncak Alam, here i come! yeah!

the thing is, i hardly blog this week. i cant even think about it. because of fun times at home! haha.
but for sure, i'll keep on updating my blog later on! okay!


Monday, July 19, 2010

SONG COVER: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

dear readers and also good listeners,

so today, i got no mood to write. as if i had before. naah. i dont have the mood nowadays, due to such cases you would surely understand if u know and confront these arsenals.

so here goes another song cover by me!

this is a successful collaboration between the great power of my voice(eh) and the hands that play the guitar ; Daniel Hamid, he's one of my new housemate in UiTM Puncak Alam yaww!
here and do download:

click to download!

or stream it freely here:-

for previous songs:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

home sweet home

dear beloved readers,

i am home, home sweet home. sweet enough that i raised up my sugar level that over rated my metabolism rates way up high. naaah. kid.

jealous thee shall be. haha *maniacal laughter.

well, practically, for all my craving this long month in UiTM Puncak Alam, shall replenish this week.
nasi Ayam Goreng Kak Wok+Gulai Kawah, Nasi Manis, Nasi Goreng and Friend Noodles next door and also mom's and Tok Mek's cooking. yeah! ♥

how i miss those days before.
tak pelah, biarkan saya menghabis kan masa dirumah okay. jangan jeles semua orang. bye bye.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

meanwhile... 2 papers to go *yawn

dear readers, the problem is, i hardly blog.

wassup? loads of assignments and reports are up! haha. craps.

meanwhile, 2 papers to go.
Chemistry and Physics.

hardest ever; PHYSIC.
imagine studying energy, while sciencetist couldnt even afford to detail energy.
"what is it" is a whole universe mystery, yet to be discovered by youngtsers nowadays. thats the hard physics.

Chemistry, it revolves around u see.
the pink turns oranges, the blue turns green. its colourful, hell i love it. ♥.
but it seems that its hard for me to score the naming part. with all those oxides, pent-hexes-etc. arghh! uuuuuuu.

lagi 2 paper nak habis. nak balik.

kota bharu.
last i saw u, u were decent without me, i'll be back soon. haha.

wish me luck for these 2 papers. see yaw.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

an entry for mama; a dream

dear mama,

well, i remember being home for six month before persuing my studies here in UiTM Puncak Alam, wake up every morning when you're there to wake me up and at least i need 5 different alarm tone to wake me up at hour 0630. Home, went jogging and remember on the first day so, i was too exhausted like super exhausted and called you for you to come and pick me up. haha. it was funny btw.
*told u not to tell papa.

i dreamed a dream here.
the dream was in black and white with surround sound voices as clear as thunder, as if i am with you at that particular time. it comes naturally.

the dream; the day was windy and the day was also cloudy as if the rain was going to drop anytime from that time, but somehow, it didnt. and then i was there, playing like a child that worries of nothing, fooling with others and when its the time to head home, i start pacing home. arrived safely, save and soundly. and then, i saw u reading on the balconyon your favourite garden chair, waving hands to me, greeting me welcome back. gracefully. i dashed towards u, and then, i sat next to you, asking what are you reading, and you answered me well. then, act lovely, with love, i settled my head over your lap. and you touched my head like i was a baby back then. i fall asleep.

its sad, its touching, its warmth thee can feel through the writing itself.
how i feel is super cool, like i'd never had before.
like loving my mom for the rest of whole charming continuos life of prosper and joy. i love my mom. ♥ ahhh. HOMESICK?

therefore, i called my mom.

"mama, i dreamed a dream last night, it was us"
"and i wanna go home. i miss u and dad and all of us"

its common, its the first time being apart from loved ones far away from Kelantan, though i have done 5 years of boarding school, but then, it was in Kelantan it self. dont tell me. ☺

“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds us closer together, and the music that brings us harmony.”

i love you mama.
and family.

Monday, June 14, 2010

do u think u are famous?

are you kidding? i'm super famous. haha. *koya sahaja.

Ask me anything

how's ur life as ipt student ?

dear readers and intentionally-good question movers from

answering this question this late is a move that offended the person who ask it. but somehow, its better late than never.

*kinda buzy lately; too much thing to cope with.

by ameliafarina or

first of all, thanks for asking such question and sorry for the late reply.

when it comes to IPT, people think of assignments and stuffs. but do i?

lets do this in two different angles of perspectives.
heres the first one;

by the time i know emma be going to UiTM Puncak Alam. i was totally grateful enough that i am totally speechless due to the gaining with such a bad result than others who scored high enough to throw out a super bash party for it. Excited, enthralled, anxious, almost all metro positive thoughts of University life got over everything else from wears, outfits, worn-out jeans to Italiano Leather shoes. but somehow, it all changes.

well, exhausted as much as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did during his search for The Lost World and never had a chance to come back.

imagine this; climbing stairs that were specially made for sportsmen with Olympic level for their training as equal to our jamming session. the stairs, ITS KILLING ME AND 98% of STUDENTS HERE. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
well, of course i would be rather stupid to not like this school because of only this.
other thing bothering me is;

haha. not entirely national. is me-tional.
having the cravings for Kinder Bueno or a Mars Bar is at fault. they're haunted.

within temptation.

tutorials, lab reports, work sheets, online assignments and the too-far places from one another, are killing me softly.
its too much. y oh y.

okaylah. setakat itu sahaja. bye bye. sila tanya lagi!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Siapakah blogger yang anda rasa friendly?

sayalah! haha

Ask me anything

a week in UiTM Puncak Alam

dear beloved loyal silent and active readers,

the week spent on a leisurely-not-at-all speeches and verbs.
politics, Malaysian inferiorities and superiorities not to forget and loads of craps of unity and lameness uttered through speeches and sermons from sensible people of high commodities of UiTM and so one.

the keyword here is; LAME

the act of abusing other religion is the art of betrayal by their own of a kind.
these understandable-never-to-me things are mind-boggling.
example; an issue of killed Indian.
told be murdered by Malay people.
suddenly, a moronic value of stupidity of humanity adrenalined the people an politic crashed. politics alone, is good. but, it came to human too. they killed.
understand? oh, i dont.


clapping things. the word boring defines it.


chicken dance? ouh, idk, i skipped it. went for refreshment in toilet.


left-alone by housemate. okay. *kesian. alone is a luxurious matter place of the apartment, seriously, they were all home and i'm terribly alone. oh.

thats all. thanks. l8er.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

lol can we speak anonymously on zoosk instead of on here because i think u should know something just click here

yeah. well, its up to you btw. i googled something about Zoosk, and apparently it is something has to do with todays relevant online dating which against the main motive of

the climate change, global warming theory, anything, can be asked on this particular website (formspring), but its not even encouraged to ask such question during a chat in zoosk. so, whatever it is, stay and stick with ur main point of getting online all the time;to date or to spend time facebooking or socializing. thanks.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the call; UiTM Puncak Alam

dear mishpuchah,

yes, i'm still home. havent start my tertiary education yet. but the call wakes me up from this terrible fat-making sleep. haha.

ready or not, i am going to persue my tertiary studies at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Puncak Alam in about 3 days to go and left to measure.

not as pleasureable as it seems but, too bad, i feel like i'm not even ready for this. am i? aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.


yes, but hey, where else to go? i've denied Foundation in Sciences and Technology in UNIKL and Matriculation studies. meanwhile, theres absolutely no MARA or any JPA scholarship freely drawn for me because i'm not those geeks. haha. no offense beloved scholars.

aand so. i'll be leaving my hometown where fresh air with mild eves in the morning that kinda sooth me well which makes me tension-free, Kota Bharu yeah! (i ♥ u) this 21st May, friday.
the enrollment will be on 23rd Mei, which is on the next Sunday.

oh, please makes this feeling stop. haha.

not even a word i can preach to unveil this feeling inside out.
but i can say, i'm am physically materialistically ready for it. haha.
i had go shopping 2 days ago. and it probably reach 1k. thats a lot.
yeah, idc much. its my parents money anyway.

oklah kot, ready lah.

Foundation In Sciences In UiTM Puncak Alam Campus, here i come.

thats all. thanks. l8er.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

more moment to treasure; MRSMPC small REUNION. yeah!

dear readers,

*adrenaline starts as excitement begins.

the glorious gathering started and ended safe and sound. with joy and success. ahhhh.
so many to talk about. that was tremendously fun. argh! shit. i want more.

Started on : 10 May (1615)
Ended : 11 May (1200)

Activities: Swimming, BBQ, Swimming pool Rugby, Swimming pool Volleyball


Attendence: Mark Jue, Mesul, sidiq, Pok Jue, Fahmi, Fitri, Hanif Hasnan, Ise, Azim, Nuzul, Juki, Mak Pik, Lutfi, Ilme,Paih

let the pictures do the talking.

thats all. thanks.


Friday, May 7, 2010

the elder exotic *with Kelantanese words.

dear readers,

u guys caught me once again writing on old people with geeky stuffes.
but this time, even naughtier.

the sole super solar burning dazzling hot sun completed the noon today. just like any other water-draining noon.

the neighbouring were focused to a house in front for they were having a wedding ceremony.

well, teens always dont have the feel to follow such things, to them, it was totally, a waste of energy and time. me, instead, is not a prodigal, go everywhere with free treats.

for that, i went there too. hey, the neighbouring includes me too.

as my dad entered the gated green house, an old villagers call upon him as; "ore mudo", which apparently, means younger

people of the village. therefore, my dad walked his way towards the person paging him.

they conversed;

"acu tera baco teh gapo ore ata meseh ko ambo,kawe tuo doh, tok napok mano" pretexted the old person.
"SYOK! saksikan video mantap saya selama 15 minit, sms kan......." my dad exclaimed from his phone.

all; bursted out laughing.

at once the conscience spoke to myself;

"omg, wth is the old man thinking?" haha.

its not supposed to be like this, the elder are supposed to be amuring the youth with historically-challenged stories or Islamic stories, encouraging powerful mindsets of being number one the filth-free way of youth.

yes, it was theathrical, but hey, can u even imagine a 50-almost-60 years old man having a filthy minds full of sex dirt and corruptions? then it will be hysterical.

thats all. thanks.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


dear listeners,

here is another Piano Cover by me.

its been a while since i last done my song cover. due to some, technical shenanigans that held me stationery for a while. i hereby, say, i'm sorry.

so, its another request. by;

shes a friend of mine from a program in Monash University in 2008.
and yet, we're still connected.
so, heres yours.
its a song from Mambai like ages ago. ancient ei? haha.
thats ok. because it inspires people, nonstop, a lot. haha.
its called Kau Ilhamku.
you can download this song cover FREE. CLICK!

you can either, here it here online. by online streaming.

dont forget to leave me comment. and i know, this one is not the best one i've made. its lowkey. hehe.
for request. contact me through facebook! (see sidebar)
for more download. click link below.
thanks. thats all.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

cat that heals.

dear mishpuchahs,
havent heard awhile from is it? haha.

cats are sometimes, very cute as they came crawling with flashy eyes, and cute faces that were fun to play with. and sometimes, seemslessly, annoying enough that it might just have gives you a terrible run on your lovely socks or even your now-poverty stricken-like faces.

and everything as we knew them, have their own of pros and cons, so do cats.

upon my sighting with the TV programme at channel 1, RTM 1, The National Geographic, i learned that cat do heals people with condition of Syndrome Down. eventhough the do not heals completely, well, at least, they're often cured the anxious feeling of downs of their kind.

Then, curiousity overwhelmed. i suddenly wanted to know more about this deficiencies. i googled them.

well, in short, it is the brain at fault. the mindsets.

the brain is at the tension-most level when we do things we care not to. but it will be at the most relaxing state when we do things we like to and pampered to feel so. just like in the documentaries, the used cats as invigoraters to stimulate relaxation in the unfortunates mind. and therefore, it works.

yes, so cat do heals. haha.

so, do things you like when you're in depressed.

thats it. thanks.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

free pizzas?

dear blog mishpuchah,
its me again invigilating to invigorate this blog with irrepressible isle of words.

who would resist the irresistable pan pizza with the Hawaian Seafood on top, and thats why i got one, for free.

haha. its a long story though.

people who serve others should be laudable, but this is the opposite.

at that particular moment, i ordered 6 pizzas with add ons of chicken wings for RM210.00. as they promised and statedin the company policies, that they had 30 minutes guarenteed arrival and hot as it just came out from the burning hot stove. they did a great job on that. those orders safely arrived 32 minutes later (i dont mind 2 minutes extras).

but wait.

it doest even mean all pizzas were here already, noticing the missing-in-action figure, i abruptly, called 1 300 88 2525, yes, which linked me to the HEADQUATERS, in KL.

"yes mr, i'll inform my staff for the immediate response" said the operator.

*rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggggggg, suddenly, the phone rang.

it was the Pizza X Branched(branched as X as confidential as it is).

"i'm sorry mr. because of our mistake. But why do you called our HQ?"uttered the lady in charged with morose.

"and i'm really sorry for that you got scolded bad, idk that it was your HQ at first, just make sure u didnt do such thing again"i wisely spoken.

"ouh, okay, so, for the regret, we'll send you free pizza, okay"answered the lady again with sigh in the end.

"if thats okay with u"with glee they considered it as a yes.

wow. 15 minutes later, there they were, the 6th pizza and another one of free. thankful indeed i am. and then, there are leftovers. a box of it. hahaa.


Monday, April 26, 2010

i regret it. sorry.

dear beloved readers,

there was i, on the rooftops of KBMALL for a noon prayer. after i finished performing the need of every muslim on this planet so called Earth, i went outside.

i went outside and walked my way to the stool. yet, i saw nothing. seriously. and then, obviously, there was a man, an old man, around 40 to 50. considering nothing, i sat on the stool, ignoring the old man. he was lying to the wall to untie his shoe for wudu', while i'm sitting on the stool, wearing my shoes back. at first i didnt think that it was an act which might lead me to be an imp. but now, i realized that i have busted my integrity towards the human race intelligence. am i? huhu.

oh,how i wish for the time to come back and correct my mistake. i didnt forsaw, that this feeling of regret climbing their own way, from my deep conscience to the top of my thoughts. the old man, should be dignified. i wasnt supposed to do so. i am falling.

and i know, that it was a no boisterious much as the politics can be, but it is a wrong deed. the youth, which may includes me you and you of the age 15 to 30 something (i'm not sure), should give some respect for older people, because they know more of Earths than we do. they are people with tremendous experiences which may teach us to do things right in the future.

so, respect older people!

judging my act of simplicity yet, a worst one, thee shall bear in thou thoughts, that people make mistakes.

bearing the thought alone results to nothing, remember it, apply it to your daily life. be blessed thee shall be for your kind act.

thats all. thanks.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

everything clearly potrayed

dear readers,

upon my vision towards the tv for 30 minutes filled with information with TV3, for Buletin Utama, i learned that a nation should speaks as one. and that automatically, deducts the spirit of 1 Malaysia.

the acumen here, disgraced politician should know their roles in inspiring the nation to develop the sorority Malaysia that speaks as whole, as one, for the theme ; 1 Malaysia.

plotted great by Buletin Utama TV3, from the dirts in the Parliament to the bottom end of the Hulu Selangor field. kick-started by, Anuar Ibrahim, uttering harsh words toward the Government, telling that, the idea of 1 Malaysia, is adapted without 100% origionality from 1 Israel, and without regrets which clearly showed that it was not rather adapted as a whole idea from Israel, our PM, Najib answered.

and then, the coverage made easy by TV3 crews on the latest hip at Hulu Selangor shows that, Malaysia with a bit filth in politics and corrupted and also, blidnfolded with luxury and greeds.

if you now know what i mean, you might also want to wake up from this delusion that holds a string towards 1 Malaysia.

aiming the opposing team because they had no power to the media coverage since they oppose was not good at all. it gives us super vision that they are opposing for no reason or even bad and ugly reason.

yes, corruption happens. but, they were blindfolded. think. they were just hooking up votes so that they'll win.

Islamic topics, shouldnt be discussed, but the problem here is, Islamic features, is the main pole for PAS. arguement on this topic, will end at least for 3 days with police and JAKIM. ahaha. (a joke)

speaking as whole, for politics in Malaysia.

thats all. thanks.


Friday, April 23, 2010

old hags hit like a sand bag.


its Friday. and i am thankful enough, that i confronted no dilemma today.

well, performing Jumaat prayer is no longer a doubtful compulsory thing for men to do.
from old folks to monthly years old kids. (is it?)

yes. so, for the regular basis on any other Friday, except today, with no dilemma, as already mentioned, i went for a Jumaat prayer.

and. here comes the title that tells;

old hags hit like a sand bag

as i walked myself into the mosque, pacing for my favourite place, under the barely-rotating-stain filled-fan, there was an old man. just like any other old people who was there, he also, murmuring, chanting some words praising the Lords great creations on the planet so called Earth, i guess. (???)

but then, there were also, terrible kids about 10 to 12, uttering words, i could barely heard from quite a distance. very. but they're just kids, what do they really know?

but heres the speaking title, the old man i was talking about just now, seemed to be disturbingly loud. he chattered like it was a sale or a Bar Mitzvah party. and he did noticed that people were noticing him and giving him the look to keep silent. but the more the people warned him, the louder he would be. seriously, he should be ashamed of himself due to such disgrace. meanwhile, the kids did stop when the sermon started. but the egoistic-maniac-extremely-annoying Pak Cik, which was the old hag hit like a sand bag. they bother nothing as they keep on speaking out loud. gosh, i thought he'd never stopped.

shouldnt they keep their mouth silent and forbid kids to talk or even playing in such places. and tell nice meaningful and full of moral values story and words? what an old useless hag. urgh.

thats all. thank you.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

pointing fingers to no one.

hello dear beloved readers,

well, it seem to get harder for me to reply post or even post something here, its all about me today. me going to colleges, me going to places, etc., its just me.
the fact is, i had loads of things going on through my mind. and it sicks the hell out of me. i tend to blog those ideas but it seems that i am too lazy.


heres one.

okay. that day when i was at the Taman Tengku Anis for a jog, X(not a real name, although its quite fascinating) spotted someone. apparently to be his friend Y. then, upon hearing their conversation (as if the title said; pointing fingers to no one) i was not entirely shocked with the words from his mouth. read.

indications; green text - Y + Yellow text - X

"eh, is that u?"
"of course its me"
"are u done jogging?"
"yes.have u"
"no. just out from my bed, and even, i pray the for Subuh (dusk prayer) at eight"
he bragged.

wow, what a guts to brag about his not-even-to-be-bragged habit. mirror thyself dear.
and there was i, with nothing in my mind except for feeling sorry for him.

and thats why people. dont brag, especially about the imperfect deeds for the religion we performed unless, we were too good for it and theres nothing more about religious, why dont u just brag about your mother etc. that would do a conversation far more enthralling (is it?).

thats all. thanks.

wah. sila tanya. titek .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

honestly, what do you think, personally about shinchan :p ??

dear readers,
this is another questions in my formspring inbox.
well here goes.

frankly speaking, its fun for the whole family, yet there are parts where they should do some ripping before they'd air it. there are parts that only support adult supervision due to uncensored content that may flood child brain with disgraces and typical bad figures.
this will occasionally, brings arsenal to kids and their environment. such inappropriate movements and sayings or even changed quotations made by the main character Shin Chan and his father, could simply, filth child minds with frauds with no fault, which may cause abusive thoughts in mind and eventually, leads to massive social illness that are currently being the most burden burdening the government who are confronting with dirty politics, typical aristocrats and filthy parliament with thier moronic problems which may cause tremendous problems on the worlds gravity. (deep acumen).

fasten your seat belt, get urself ready for bad prospect of the toddlers favourite tv cartoon. its not a bad accusation on provoking people to banned the series but at least, you'll realize the danger of letting TV power run wild in your homes. well, here goes.

by simply watching the series, your child will adapt something you wouldnt even want to;

harsh words.
nasty movements.
junks food-feeding.
abandoning mothers at shopping complex particularly on sales time.
neglecting homework; teachers, friends, and even family.
dirty and filthy child sex fantasies (ouch).
many more.,

so, in short, do sth about that. save ur child from these things. dont say i didnt warned you. huhu.
and child, kids like shin chan may seems very cool, but behold the true him; be-friend them never.

thanks to anonymous for the question.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

what would u like your name to be if it is not fitri?HAHA

dear readers,
this is one of the best questions i've got in care to ask more.

wow, this is real hard.
so, let start with my name. hardly known as Mohamad Fitri, which mean, Mohamad; the name of our great prophet, unless, the spelling was wrong, because of the interpretations on Arabic language seems very confusing. no people, can figure this thing out fromits shell and nest at the very moment, i believe. The second name, which is Fitri, from a book, in my collections, means, clean and hygiene. i wonder if its right. i was born in 2nd of syawal, Hari Raya. huhuhu. n thats why i got my name.

now lets get back to the question.
what would i like my name to be if its not fitri, let say, from my favourite artist, band, and everyone, i would like to be named; Nur Firdaus. and its not even connected to bands etc. hahaha. the point is, the deep meaning. Nur stands for Lights. which in deep will occasionally mean, the guide to good life. ei? (idk). the second name; Firdaus, which is the name of a heaven. the best one. whatever names you got, dont think,it has nothing to do with your life. every name, have a meaning, and words is more than words,its a pray. when you called somebody's name and they answer it, it can be considered as a prayer for them, for example; you called me; Fitri!, and i answer yes. that means, you pray for my hygiene. get the acumen? thanks for the question Hanis Solehah.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

friday's dilemmas.

dear beloved readers,

i'm writing about my dilemmas on friday; last night.

so, as usual, friday in the eastern zone, particularly, kelantan, is a great day for an escaped to a world of our own; of life and no work. in short, holiday.
but, the last day of hardwork that pays to the people living in other zone in malaysia.

however, i'm having loads of dilemmas. lets start.

i woke up from my deep sleep when its time, and the time is; when its about 15 minutes before Jumaat prayer. and heres the dilemma. i dont want to wake up early, its holiday, c'mon, no one wants to get up that early. the dilemma is caused by my conscience.


"eh, fitri, dont get up early, you'll have to take bath twice, first; before breakfast, then, second time for jumaat prayer, dont get up laaaa".
"you will have to change more clothes too. if u just stay asleep, you'll be in ur pyjamas and when u wake up to go to jumaat prayer, you can simply take a bath and change to ur baju melayu, does that save more time and water.=P"

but it seems that other force keeps waking me up. my mom. haha.

thats the first dilemma.
here goes the second one.

the conscience again;

"go nowhere, you wont have to change from your baju melayu"

thats another dilemma.
but, when, the family planned to go and visit mishpuchah or even shopping mall, i have to change and that is against my conscience.

do you know the point of writing this entry?
to tell you that i'm deeply in stress because all of the outside force that keeps telling me to disobey my loyal conscience.
tension! urgh!

thats it. thanks,.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

those culprits again.

dear readers,

remember those culprits, who broke in and stole some things in my house?
i wrote about them in previous post. if u didnt have the chance to read it, worry no more.
click here for the post.

so, here i am, writing about them, AGaIN!

how awful could they be? extremely.

since the last time, they went into my house, there are more.
three more houses in a single night, in my housing estate were broke in on last night.

considering such a havoc, people should regret themselves due to their highly-egoistic-more to moronic brain of not reporting those cases to the responsible authority, police.
this is because those culprits were having a bash from peoples hard work.
therefore, the act of not reporting those crime scene to the police, raised up no awareness to those shit people and led them to do more illegal things and as the result, people suffer.

since my house were broke into, my dad lodged a police report. the police came to our house and did their job. but it seems hopeless. and i'm starting to get sick of they too. =P!

but, realizing the state of alert, my dad, took actions. he called the police in Bukit Aman. (why so jauh?) and talk to the police there, and they guaranteed that they will conduct more search.

or shouldnt they hire a super-minded-detective who understands criminally-taught-pro minds.?

thats more like it.

its not like i'm blaming those cops for not doing something, but it seems that they, dont even care about us. its not the property we were concerned about, but, they safety of the housing area. we're all are put in a highly-hazardous state whereby, we cant even leave our house. and the feeling is, seriously, pathetic.

to make it more interesting, they're thinking about making a report to Aduan Rakyat.
haha. gila glamour.
what do you think they could do with this? haha.

thats all people. thanks.

Monday, April 5, 2010

officially eighteen.

dear readers.

060492 in memory.

song playing; "Happy Birthday To you"

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to FITRI, happy birthday to you!

my inbox keeps on collecting thousands of mail of people wishing me happy birthday, my phone ran out of battery because of lots of vibrations due to texts, facebook keeps giving me notifications, oh, how i am thrilled for today.

Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year: The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again. - Menachem Mendel Schneerson

the saying, is rebut-able.

yes, God gave us the same energy, yet, what you're about to read is perfectly, considerable and logic with no fallacies on the other hand.

heres the hypothesis;

the greater the age, the greater the responsibilities.

hypothesis is accepted btw.

technically, as we grow older, we have more responsibilities and more things to talk and share with which are also called as experiences.

well, to me, not much experience i gained as i went to boarding school for 5 years. feels like i am a persona non grata. a france word for the words unwanted person.

universities, paperwork, jobs etc will be ahead of you. in short, life.
all of us are well told that, children under 18, are prohibited from doing all sorts of things. pity.
but when you're old enough, the conscience will tell you, how hard it is to grow older with time.

it keeps telling you;

"hey, you're old enough to do amazing things"

two and last (the hardest part)
"hey, you're old, work your tuche up, and earn something for a living, get up."

hearing to the first one sooth us, yea, what do we say,

but, on the other hand, the second one, scared the hell out of me. jobs, people around us, commanding us to do things, etc, seriously, its mind-boggling.

but, hey, listen to this quote;

You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely

but, the consequences are deadly severe.
you may end up like a rat in a hole.
dont be.

its amazing how conscience taught us to write, some said that, its the murmur of the heart.
and what do i care about all this, all i know is "joi de vivrae"
i'll sure do. i'll do so.

"Happy birthday Abe"mom and dad uttered some simple words with loving gestures.

i just love you guys.
thats all. thanks.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

SONG COVER: Hari ini dan semalam by 6ixth Sense

dear readers and listeners,

i'm touched by your support of keep downloading my song cover. its a pleasure to entertain you guys.

so, i want to tell you this, that i'll be back active at blogging from now on. more post to come, just wait and follow me.

so, as a start, i'll let you listen free my new song cover on the song popularized by 6ixth Sense, Hari ini dan semalam.

click to download.
Hari ini dan Semalam Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

or alternately, you just can listen it here; wait for the buffered player.

thats it.

heres the previous downloaded songs by me;



Hari ini dan Semalam Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

Hazy Piano Cover.mp3

i believe i can fly.mp3

I Turn to you Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

The Climb Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

This is me Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

When You're Gone and Keep Holding on Mashed-up Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3