Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You've got a date, and in the middle of the date, somehow, you suddenly remembered that you've forgotten to apply deodorant that day, you're getting worried if your partner would discover any unpleasant smell from your body. how would you react?

this is how; i will stop moving and relax. Unpleasant smell comes from a vigorous activities related to metabolism and stuffs. When, u're feeling down and depressed or worried about something, your hormonal reaction will somehow boost and the reactions near your epidermal will cause you sweating. Then, sweat will release unpleasant smell. and therefore, if i'm cool enough, i dont have nothing much too worry about my smell etc. Thank You!

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_aLiaHwaFa_ said...

sanggup balik rumah nak pakai deodorant. haha

fitri said...

okay aliah. balik kot. hahaha

cahen_caheem said...

bace jawapn nie pon daa boleh agak daa yang tuan punye belog nie budak science!!...haha..
good xplaination btw...thnks 4 da info!!...heee~

cahen_caheem said...
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fitri said...

ala caheen ni, hoho,. puji extra pulak. hoho