Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Family Asasi Sains Grand Dinner; not many will attend. Whats up?!

dear readers,

theres two things to talk about;
but first thing first.

I'm all super psych up for the soon to come Grand dinner
which ought to be the Grandest of Grands and the marvelous of superb. yes baby, a Happy Family Asasi Sains Grand dinner will be held soon. And i still had nothing appropriate and real as the Theme are as festive as festivals in the Western region of planet Earth. Picture this, people with fancy clothes slumbering along the walk of the Shah Alam Convention Center with a mask on, as secretive as they can be with a total make over with tons of make-up and lashes and stuffs; always the girls and none of the boys. Yes, its a Masquerade Party.

oh oh oh. i know you are all excited. let us go to the second thing.

Rumors had it, not many are going. or is it the solid truth? let us see how this will affect people attending the occasion.

1. Less picture will be taken
2. Pay more for nothing more
3. Miserables with expensive wears and apparels with less sighted as glamorous
4. Some more are too hard to tell. Its offensive

Idk why but i care why.

Those who are not going respond negatively because of the payment which is none off the expensive and are of the affordable. The maximum total amount will be collected is RM70. somehow, its maximum including RM30 cash deposit. The organizers are pleading for sponsors to support our night of togetherness. Then, the maximum will decrease, nonetheless, be more affordable than that of 70 dollars. In fact, if it takes RM70, i wouldnt care much, because it is for sure to be worth of it. Well, at least i'm supportive.

Thats all for today. Thanks!


Ajie Mohd Tahir said...

tak payah la pky outfit yg mmhal.pndai2 la spend duit.bli mask yg simple+murah suda.bju pulak pilih la yg boleh pakai di laen mase.
asasi sekali ni je.enjoy!^^

syashafie said...

yeah , we're searching for the sponsor , and for sure rm 70 is not a fixed price :D

and we're hoping for a great supports from all of you .

sincerely ,
grand annual dinner committe :D

Anonymous said...

of course it's going to be rm70. it's going to be held at SACC. what are those who aren't going are thinking? i'm all pumped up too. and now i do feel offended by those who said, "OMG it's too expensive."

have they went or organize a GRAND dinner during their school year? they sure cost just the same. DUH!

i'm sad for some side are being not so supportive. :(

fitri said...

aku plg suka ajie punya. hoho.

yes ms commitee. huhu.

tira, yekan. supportive la sket kot.

malyna said...

tq for being supportive ! :)

fitri said...

y not. ur almost welcome.

Ajie Mohd Tahir said...

hahahaha.bangge gile aku!XD

fitri said...

okay. salah kot. xnk lah suka yg kau punya. hahaha

mira isaツ said...

totally agree ! >,<

fitri said...


adilah rahman said...

nice to know there's some people who are really supportive :) terharu gila. thanks with the cherry's on top :) lol. it's a big relief to read this. :)

fitri said...

my pleasure!

Ajie Mohd Tahir said...

haha.kata2 tak boleh diundur kawan.
btw,bngge ye fitri?XD

fitri said...

okoklah.. kau lh yg plg best enn. haha.

bangge pebende nye?!