Monday, December 27, 2010

wah.. nice blog. btw, what's your life's principle?

thanks. not much of a junk i wrote day after another. life's principle; easy. use every opportunity to live well and never look back to mistakes as mistakes and problems you'll never faced again as the road of life full of uncertainties and questions may lie ahead of us. they might be useful, in short, once fall, twice shy. seriously, to get hold on the world nowadays, being positive is an absolute need everyone must have. peace:)

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buses on Booms

dear readers,

several times this weeks we heard about buses in accident and stuffs. but not what i've experienced.

i was lucky enough that i have manage to get home safe and sound. no doubt about the treacherous time my friends, other passengers and me had gone through. we were scolded for even asking.

the story started with a twisted twist, we have to change our bus with another one. and apparently, the bus we were about to get into, were about to undergo damages and some booms. almost explosive.

i' ve seen and observed the conditions of the bus and it seemed that some people were lingering around the back side of the bus where the engines were at. i thought it was a minor screw lost or something even more simple. therefore, we went on board.

suddenly, on the road, a suspicious odour smells like rotten woods from fire longed on the bus. thinking that it may be my friend releasing gases from bacterial activities in his intestine, i do nothing and keep silence. when, the smell got even heavier there were smokes everywhere, i can barely see the front. then, a quick boom boomed at the back of the bus, idk if anyone heard it, but it may be visible and audible by us who sat at the very back of the bus. seriously, a spark sparked out causing the bus to stop and the passengers to get off.

then, the drama got even more better, where a friend asked why didnt they (the people in charge) order up new bus for us. He got scolded right through his face. seriously, even i got the urge to slap him over again, more than a pound attack by Jigglypuff in pokemon. wek! haha.

well, we were marooned for almost 4 hours in the middle of nowhere at all and the substitute bus arrived at 8.45 sth. we arrived safe and sound at 1.00 in the afternoon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Family Asasi Sains Grand Dinner; not many will attend. Whats up?!

dear readers,

theres two things to talk about;
but first thing first.

I'm all super psych up for the soon to come Grand dinner
which ought to be the Grandest of Grands and the marvelous of superb. yes baby, a Happy Family Asasi Sains Grand dinner will be held soon. And i still had nothing appropriate and real as the Theme are as festive as festivals in the Western region of planet Earth. Picture this, people with fancy clothes slumbering along the walk of the Shah Alam Convention Center with a mask on, as secretive as they can be with a total make over with tons of make-up and lashes and stuffs; always the girls and none of the boys. Yes, its a Masquerade Party.

oh oh oh. i know you are all excited. let us go to the second thing.

Rumors had it, not many are going. or is it the solid truth? let us see how this will affect people attending the occasion.

1. Less picture will be taken
2. Pay more for nothing more
3. Miserables with expensive wears and apparels with less sighted as glamorous
4. Some more are too hard to tell. Its offensive

Idk why but i care why.

Those who are not going respond negatively because of the payment which is none off the expensive and are of the affordable. The maximum total amount will be collected is RM70. somehow, its maximum including RM30 cash deposit. The organizers are pleading for sponsors to support our night of togetherness. Then, the maximum will decrease, nonetheless, be more affordable than that of 70 dollars. In fact, if it takes RM70, i wouldnt care much, because it is for sure to be worth of it. Well, at least i'm supportive.

Thats all for today. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You've got a date, and in the middle of the date, somehow, you suddenly remembered that you've forgotten to apply deodorant that day, you're getting worried if your partner would discover any unpleasant smell from your body. how would you react?

this is how; i will stop moving and relax. Unpleasant smell comes from a vigorous activities related to metabolism and stuffs. When, u're feeling down and depressed or worried about something, your hormonal reaction will somehow boost and the reactions near your epidermal will cause you sweating. Then, sweat will release unpleasant smell. and therefore, if i'm cool enough, i dont have nothing much too worry about my smell etc. Thank You!

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saya suka awak

saya suka awak jugak. HOHO. sapakah ini?!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Good and Bad Girls; Seriously, i've seen it.

dear potentially-to-be-girl reader,

i know the title is of offensive and sexist, but its the truth. I've seen it with my very on naked eye.>
it all started on a misty morning around eligible 8 o'clock where still cycling or walking the bicycle up the mountain high college of Rafflesia in Puncak Alam. Some jogged, i can see the exhausted faces of people riding solo and i-dont-know-why happy faces of one of my friend, Amirul Mukminin pacing through the pavement with seamlessly no exhaustion at all. (huh?)

on the other hand, i was in the bus, making my way to Shah Alam and then to Pyramid of Sunway. Although the bus is not as full as usual, all the seats were taken and occupied. hoho.

after the bus traveled a distance near Meru, apposing the bus direction, were a Lady around 49 tops and her son of 10 maybe, trying to stop the bus to ride in. the bus stopped and fetched them. and still, no seats were left by eager people on going to the Pyramid.

and there, the old Lady dangled with the bus tangling around the swaying full-of-early-transportation road and her son was having difficulty balancing going back and forth.

in a matter of minutes, 2 girls with kind hearts over rated my feelings towards every girl on planet Earth. They stood up and asked the dwindling defenseless old lady and little kid to sit at theirs. Sitting at almost the last seat on the bus, the now-standing girls seems very familiar. and i got one right, it was Nazurah of D5, with her friend which i don t know who. and if you Nazurah or the other girl reading this, i bid Thank you. I'm ultimately glad that there are still hospitality and generosity among Malaysian. yes, I'm proud to be a Malaysian.

the slowly, after almost one hour and a half, we reached the Grand Pyramid.
Bla bla Bla done.

and oh, we watched Ngankung and apparently, its not that bad, its just nice. A bit of laughter were released from my mouth because its funny sometimes and i'm sure most of you who have watched it, would not be satisfied with such an ending. oh. am i writing a film review? so not.


Bla bla bla done shopping, done eating, done everything. and its 5.30, and its time to go home.

You know how easy perception changed, is just a matter of gesture. a selfish act that burdens people with hatred and disgust in their mind on that particular event or time. seriously.

as the bus arrived, people were barely breathing and care of no one at all. they wanted a sit or more. in this case, more.

there's this girl, wearing complex yellow tudung with brownish vintage handbag. all of a sudden, she came out of nowhere and stand to the right which was not a place to stand and wait to climb the stairs into the bus at all, beside my friend, and stole his way by going up first on the bus. now that was rude. and suddenly too, perception changed. oh i remember watching Confession of a Shopaholic, womens were fighting to buy almost everything. so, is she a bus-o-holic? tell for your self.

i felt like saying this to her face;

"hey you look good, i see you want to secure a place for you and some for your friends over there. Maybe you should buy a bus, WITH YOUR FACE ON IT!"

eeeeee. adrenaline boosted. hoho. sabar sabar.

by whatever cause, she crossed the line. but somehow, i still believe that Nazurah and the other girl on the first place are almost angels. they are kind, not like the selfish girl idk-who.

thats it. thanks a lot peps.