Saturday, February 27, 2010

SONG REDONE; Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone and Keep Holding On

readers and listeners,

here is my next song cover, its a mash up between two hits from Avril Lavigne, When you're Gone and Keep Holding on.

it is obvious that this song cover is made up just for fun, so dont expect super song i've barely known.

let us cut the chase. see below.

wait for the player, and click to play.
if you hate waiting, you can always download. click!
When You're Gone and Keep Holding On (Mashed-Up) Piano Cover by Fitri

who's up for a request? i am available for song request.
t&c apply. i dont play songs i dont know. thank you for respecting that.

previous songs;

Hazy by Rosi Golan

I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly

Crazier by Taylor Swift

Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

thats all. enjoy.
thanks you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

papa, i've got my license and i'm wondering....

dear beloved readers,

so, refers to the above title, thank god, i've got my license. haha. superproud.

and this is what happens next.

"papa, i've got my license"
"wah, good going my son"
"papa, i've got my license but i dont have a car and i want one"
"huh. wait until i finished up with my project and got paid, i'll buy me a new car, and you'll get my 318i BMW"
"really?, wah, thanks papa, you are the best dad"

"but when?"
"when i finished my project la"
"yea, but when?"
"hhhrrmmmmmmm" silence.

got the message? haha.
thats all for today.
thanks a lot.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the most friendly blogger; me! thank you


apparently, my blogwalking scheme had been a marvelous trip and have been paid for the good job i've done.

i am so shocked, at this very moment; 12.56 am, malaysia,duhh?!?!, thursday, February 25 2010,
i was on the front page for being the most friendly blogger on the block.

the most friendly blogger

thanks gengblogger and friends. super proud of myself.

thats all.thanks.

SONG REDONE: Hazy by Rosi Golan

readers and listeners

its been a while since i last updated my blog with my piano cover, so, heres another piano cover by me.

i bet that not all of you readers have listen to this song, you even barely know that a singer, Rosi Golan exists.

if you have been watching one tree hill, then , you'll know her. this is a beautiful song by her, and actually, its acoustic but i download the sheets online and play with my piano. i hope you guys love it.

buffered player; click to play

or feel free to download if you do not prefer waiting. click to download.

previous songs;

I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly

Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

Crazier by Taylor Swift

thats all people.
love you all.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

went for the mock interview. done great. very. haha.

hello readers,

location; Pusat Bahasa Titian Jaya, KB, Kelantan

so, let us go straight to the point here. i was in the interview room, with, seriously, no ready-made preparations on the answer except for "introduce yourself" and strength and weaknesses.
from left; azim, lutfi, me, nuzul, aireen

i have no idea on how far the questions that will be asked run out of the track. for example;

what is the colour of your brain?
you can simply answer pink, or even green considering you are a man with no harm to the nature, and you love them.
but dont say "i dont know".

if you are an animal on a marry-go-round, what animal are you?
still, there is no wrong answer and dont get too creative. haha. a candidate use to answer an elephant.

do you have a blind spot?
answer this literally, do not go technically, if so, you are in big trouble.
like what azim responded to this question; its a big NO NO.

azim: i have a blind spot, which is my weakness.. blablabla.

and the interviewer said; do you know what blind spot is? its a spot in your eye, which makes you unable to see things in a certain angle ahead. haha.

by the way, with no preparation, i scored well, with all ticks, and no cross. haha.
my grammar, long sentence, vocab, clarity and another one, which i cant remember.

and i'm proud of it. its a hell of experience no one can get through anything. its a regret you guys missed that.

thats all. thanks.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shoking news; a man tongue found in a toilet


this is a personal experience by my uncle.
early today, he went to this mosque at Kota Bharu, it was believed Masjid Muhammadi.
he first, saw a huge crowd, crowding a spot at a corner, it was the mens' lavatory.

he was shocked to see that a man's tongue was in there, still fresh (by the way it looks, we can tell, with all the blood).
picture perfect; yahoo.

the police believe that it was the dirty work of Ah Long.
can you imagine that? how will the man taste food, or even talk?!

so, beware you guys, dont think of having money the fast and easy way.

the moral value is, dont mess with Ah Long!

thats all.
thanks a lot.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i am super addicted to GLEE

readers oh readers,
its hard to say that i am finished with Hign School Musical, and moved on to GLEE.

let just put it this way, it is a HSM failure of musical.

Lifes, Friendships, loves, people, school, music, in this popluar TV series, kicked loads of awards.


hey, its my current obsession, i've just finished for the second time; Glee Marathon season 1.
can barely wait for second season, help me!

i am thirsty for Glees.

GLEE> find out more; GLEE

Saturday, February 20, 2010

wakes up early in the morning; doing Halal job on the street.

dear readers,

i woke up early this morning, going to finished up my motorcycle driving lesson.

after that, my dad took me to his pal's shop, waiting for him to go and buy some breakfast.

then, a scene caught my eye.

there was this old guy, with fish in his hands, traveled around the city, with his foot on the ground, without a transportation, looking for customer, the Halal way.

he was really determined to get Halal money to venture his family and fishes.

so, the moral value is, work hard and get blessed.

thats all folks,
thank you.

Ideas for a contest. a reply post to Forum

dear people; readers!

this post is randomly dedicated to Gengbloggers at
it reply to the forum from; i mean this one

follow my lead.

so, heres and idea;

held a competition on;

make video clips, create a song, or just simply create lyrics to be played with original songs, a teaser maybe.

seriously, i think i'm going to have one comeptition for you guys but, i dont have the prizes. YET.

so, kaoru ichibana and dia aina, try it!


Friday, February 19, 2010

a confusion; SPM result.

dear beloved readers,

so, its been a very big mistake for me to post such an pandemic cancer causing post lately.

today a hitch hitched me up;

result this thursday,
no, STPM laaaa.. haha

and it seems the date rumoured again was on this very 16th of March, now that sounded normal.

its not going to be on 28 Feb, its Sunday. haha.

hey, but its still a rumor, care not to believe in it.

thats all, folks,
thank you,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

SONG REDONE: I Believe I Can Fly by R Kelly

dear both; readers and listeners.

this is my third song. i know, that it was supposed to be No Boundaries, but it seems that the song is MIA. missing in action.

but i guess this one can replace that, its quite simple. This is a song in Piano, Am, A minor. by R. KElly, transposed to my key. like always.

but only this time, its updated, you dont have to download any single from me, but you can just click and play. is that simple or what.?! haha.

just wait for the player to load about 3 seconds, and click play.

Feel free to download this.; CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

you might want to listen to previous song by me;

Crazier by Taylor Swift

Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

thats all,

the unexpectable; from

readers, nuffnangers, gengbloggers,


this is way beyond my expectations.
just last night, i posted out a new post and started a new topic at genggblogger forum, telling people, how much Ms Lolly is a one famous blogger.

and here it goes,
at the gengblogger homepage; there was me, as the Popular profile of the Day.

click for better view!
thats all.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


readers oh readers,

its been quite the time since i last updated my cute blog. haha.

first of all, GONG XI FA COI! may all the blessing, longevity and prosperity be upon thee in this year of the tiger. ROAR! haha

so, whats with the title?!

can ah?

erm, actually, its about the places that i have to be in this 3 days period.
from sunday to tuesday.

can you digg this?! there are 20 places i have to go, visit, and eat.
makan gulai babeh!
guess what, i've only been in just 2 places and i think that is just quite a number, so, dont think that the number will increase.

and hey, look on the bright side, i'll met people from all sorts of background, talk about walks of life, from the title datuk to tengku. belive me, i've been there.

thats all for the post. keep my blog running.

wait for the song cover, No boundaries and I turn to you.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SONG REDONE: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

readers and listeners.

this is another piano song cover entitled Breakaway, a smash hit from the first American idol singer, Kelly Clarkson.

and i know, if u've listen to the song cover by myself, u would ask a question like this;

"why is it only the half of the song?"

and the answer is, i have no recorder, and that makes my voice slow and cant be recorded by phone, so, that is why the song start with "and, breakaway..... c/o, till end."

i hope you love it as i do! remember to click for the add so i can get enough money to buy a recorder!

click to download.

Breakaway Piano Cover by Fitri Dzulkifli

who's up for a song request?! leave me a comment!
thanks for supporting me!
thats all folks.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Latest news for SPM HUNKS and GALS

dear readers,
the picture: shocked!
first; WHAT?!

browsing through the net may help calm us down. kami-kami SPM sahaja.

then, something came up, a trustful friend of mine commented on my wall post in facebook.

she is KIA SATINA. doubtful? ask her. click.

so, we talked, we laughed, we were even near to death; fainted a moment due to such news.
she told me that he's uncle is a people; might be somebody at the KPM, told her that the Education board had announced the notice of the date where it will be announced late February.

a friend of mine, i've met him late today, at Yakin Pandu, told me so too. rumored at 28 February.

WHat is happening, i'm not even ready for it. do you? gila!

thats all.thanks!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doctor ka? Engineer?

dear readers,

mood: need help
what for: filling up UPU form, second phase

today, i have no post for song redone, i'm on my way to finish my final touch-up of Breakaway, by Kelly. wait for it.

so, this is a major confusion and dilemma.
fyi, SPM released student have to fill up such form they call UPU in order to enable them to stuck theirslf in IPTA or any IPTS.
in the form, according to a respectful source from facebook, they would like to have our choice on what field will we work on.

heres the dilemma.
i love reading and my mom agrees that i should take MEDIC COURSE.


4 years of study compared to 6 years of study is way much better for me to take ENGINEERING. especially chemicals.

so any pros and cons, discuss.

any help from senior engineers or doctors? or maybe their to-bes?


Thursday, February 4, 2010

SONG REDONE: Crazier by Taylor Swift

Readers, and now, listeners..

this is my first post for my project; doing some song cover. I call this project as Song Redone. This is the song from the movie Hannah Montana, and was sung by Taylor Swift that brought her to the Artist of the Year 2009 in American Music Award 2009.

i know, its not good, but hey, this is just for fun.
i hope you like it.
wait for another song.
coming in your way.

and by the way, its all my work and just me and my piano, so, dont hope for nice guitar pick.

heres a photo of me, working out my best to sooth you guys.

click the link below to listen, its worth waiting.

Crazier (Taylor Swift) by Fitri Dzulkifli.

sorry for the troubles and some mistakes in my piano playing. improving my self.
i am currently working on to find a good uploader.
if u happen to have something nice, share with me.

Thanks, Later.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

criminal caught

oh readers,

the title should be criminals caught!
hence, it was not.

so, the bright day, is certainly another good day for my ICT Lesson at Cosmopoint, but it was also a very bad day for criminologist to start committing dare devil actions especially in public.

after a period of lesson of Audio editing, i went down and was on my way to 7-11 to crunch my hunger. therefore, i saw an incident, in front of my eyes, a criminal caught red-handed. He, was believed an Indonesian, was trying to steal a motorcycle together with his partner who had ran away from the very beginning.

he was not just caught in the scene, he was also given a blast of hits of atoms and helmet on his back, spine, head and even stomach.

at first, i thought he would rather die on the spot, but he wasnt even bleeding. is that a miracle or what. people hit him non-stop, its an unfortunate scene, but yet, a very thoughtful one, because it thought us that crimes get paid sooner or later.

the owner of the about-to-be-stolen bike, started with a high kick on the back and struggled with the theif. he then, screamed for help and the public, passerby, on lookers, students of cosmopoint headed to the incident and beat him up on the ground, and he tried to escaped, but, it was no good, he was then beaten again. until the police come, he was arrested and fought the police too.

see, some of the pic! below. its quite bad because the phone is pathethic!

i'm standing about in front of the incident, cant even imagine how much does it hurt, and the feeling of hatred casted a spell over all people there that they felt like joining the streets and start biting the old frat man.

thats all.

Monday, February 1, 2010

coming in your way; SONGS REDONE

hey readers..

so, due to boredom that strikes almost everyday, i tend to record my music; piano and my own voice singing to songs i play.

this is apart from the industrious works of the indies, that have been inspiring me and everyone through the nation!

since now, i have recorded 5 songs, from recent artist and older, because i love classic.

here are some songs:-

  • Crazier by Taylor Swift
  • No Boundaries by Kris Allen
  • Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
  • Kenangan terindah by Samson
  • Hari ini dan semalam by Sixth Sense
those are the songs i had recorded, still, its not online, because of several difficulties, and i bet, its coming your way. i'll be uploading later.

and i am thumbing myself up for a request! try me!

dont forget to listen to me, in my next blog post.
this brings you guys one step closer to me. hear me. feel me. know me.

so, cheer up, i coming soon!

ouh, almost forgot, have i told you that they are all in piano version?!
yes, it is. in fact, it is simple, but harmony enough. try it soon!
be patient!

supporting indie!