Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i see the joy on Grandma's face. Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri

dear beloved loyal readers,

and i am sure that most of you guys are home or at least on their way or making their way to the desired destinations. yet, i home like 5 days ago.

and i see the joy on my Tok Mek's face as there are lots of people coming and the Raya soon too. Which means, all of her beloved beauty and handsome princes and princesses are here from far away to celebrate the gay day together. And yet, there are some of them, been in the traffic jam! oh, how pity.

but with all the merry voices that keep the house cheering out loud uttering "yeah, yeah! esok raya!", the joy on her face never fades.

Its been two Hari Raya my grandma been through without my grandpa. But she waved it like it had never torn her apart. She smiled. Way to go Tok Mek! ♥ U!

and ouh, seriously, the preparation is not fully done yet, i need to roll my sleeves up so that i can pitch in. Cleaning crud-up in the kitchen. Scrub the stubborn mildew stain to that gay refrain. Vacuum up carpets, the fan and polishing the mirrors. ouh!
and now i actually feels like having all the dazzle of Hari Raya. It tomorrow dude! haha. seriously, cant wait. but i'll wait.

dari Fitri dan Isteri-isteri! yeah!
thats it. thanks yawwww.