Saturday, July 10, 2010

meanwhile... 2 papers to go *yawn

dear readers, the problem is, i hardly blog.

wassup? loads of assignments and reports are up! haha. craps.

meanwhile, 2 papers to go.
Chemistry and Physics.

hardest ever; PHYSIC.
imagine studying energy, while sciencetist couldnt even afford to detail energy.
"what is it" is a whole universe mystery, yet to be discovered by youngtsers nowadays. thats the hard physics.

Chemistry, it revolves around u see.
the pink turns oranges, the blue turns green. its colourful, hell i love it. ♥.
but it seems that its hard for me to score the naming part. with all those oxides, pent-hexes-etc. arghh! uuuuuuu.

lagi 2 paper nak habis. nak balik.

kota bharu.
last i saw u, u were decent without me, i'll be back soon. haha.

wish me luck for these 2 papers. see yaw.


hudhud said...

i hate physics. haha

fitri said...

me tooo! seriously.

Hamzah Ian said...

pergh.. gua tak suke chem.. ahha

fitri said...

hhahahHAHA. i xsuka semua! hahahha