Monday, April 26, 2010

i regret it. sorry.

dear beloved readers,

there was i, on the rooftops of KBMALL for a noon prayer. after i finished performing the need of every muslim on this planet so called Earth, i went outside.

i went outside and walked my way to the stool. yet, i saw nothing. seriously. and then, obviously, there was a man, an old man, around 40 to 50. considering nothing, i sat on the stool, ignoring the old man. he was lying to the wall to untie his shoe for wudu', while i'm sitting on the stool, wearing my shoes back. at first i didnt think that it was an act which might lead me to be an imp. but now, i realized that i have busted my integrity towards the human race intelligence. am i? huhu.

oh,how i wish for the time to come back and correct my mistake. i didnt forsaw, that this feeling of regret climbing their own way, from my deep conscience to the top of my thoughts. the old man, should be dignified. i wasnt supposed to do so. i am falling.

and i know, that it was a no boisterious much as the politics can be, but it is a wrong deed. the youth, which may includes me you and you of the age 15 to 30 something (i'm not sure), should give some respect for older people, because they know more of Earths than we do. they are people with tremendous experiences which may teach us to do things right in the future.

so, respect older people!

judging my act of simplicity yet, a worst one, thee shall bear in thou thoughts, that people make mistakes.

bearing the thought alone results to nothing, remember it, apply it to your daily life. be blessed thee shall be for your kind act.

thats all. thanks.


rossoneri said...

hmmm kita mmg selalu leka..bila dah berlalu baru kita tersedar, itupun nasib baik kita sedar,kalau kita xsedar lagi teruk..xapalah,ini boleh dijadikan pengajaran kan..

fitri oh fitri said...

ye. pengajaran.

Miza Yusof said...

selamat pagi. saya perlukan bantuan anda utk latest entri :(

fitri oh fitri said...

pagi miza. apekes?