Sunday, April 18, 2010

pointing fingers to no one.

hello dear beloved readers,

well, it seem to get harder for me to reply post or even post something here, its all about me today. me going to colleges, me going to places, etc., its just me.
the fact is, i had loads of things going on through my mind. and it sicks the hell out of me. i tend to blog those ideas but it seems that i am too lazy.


heres one.

okay. that day when i was at the Taman Tengku Anis for a jog, X(not a real name, although its quite fascinating) spotted someone. apparently to be his friend Y. then, upon hearing their conversation (as if the title said; pointing fingers to no one) i was not entirely shocked with the words from his mouth. read.

indications; green text - Y + Yellow text - X

"eh, is that u?"
"of course its me"
"are u done jogging?"
"yes.have u"
"no. just out from my bed, and even, i pray the for Subuh (dusk prayer) at eight"
he bragged.

wow, what a guts to brag about his not-even-to-be-bragged habit. mirror thyself dear.
and there was i, with nothing in my mind except for feeling sorry for him.

and thats why people. dont brag, especially about the imperfect deeds for the religion we performed unless, we were too good for it and theres nothing more about religious, why dont u just brag about your mother etc. that would do a conversation far more enthralling (is it?).

thats all. thanks.


.::WaNiE::. said...

uuuu aku kene kejar ngan 'follow fitri!'

hahah sekarang nak sambung lari

komen tak ada kene mengena dengan entry

oh is it ok if i reply comment in malay?

fitri oh fitri said...

trimas, sgt okay, sila komen lagi. ahahaha.

rossoneri said...

kalo bangga sgt dgn amalan, xdapatlah ganjaran untuk amalan tuh..xpe, biarkan dia..kita senyap dan senyum je, okey..

fitri oh fitri said...

okay. tp, fitri lansung xtgk muka dia. macam nk je tampo. haha

Syakirah Azis said...

btl2, subuh gajah simpan sendiri je la, no need to brag to you. kalau dapat result spm gempak tu lain la.

fitri oh fitri said...

ahahaha. thu xpa

f.natasha said...

so true.seriously, i like this post :D

*puah dh bkk fb, try blog plop.hee*

fitri oh fitri said...

sila berblog. nahahahaha

Anonymous said...

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