Friday, January 22, 2010

when boredom strikes *part 1

readers of all time,

its been a while since i last updated my blog.
have you ever have the idea on how idle and dull life would be when you are completely alone?
yea, its called bored!

so, here i am taking the advantage of the boredom to post another uttered rubbish.

i'm letting you know my best personal of the best best of the best movies, anime, jokes, song, lyrics, scene, from ridiculous to 18 sx scene. here goes nothing.

on the first place of the best movies goes to

Quarantine! (2008)
best, excites and thrilled movies will get you out of the stress. people shout when it comes to this kind of movies. try.

Avatar:The legend of Aang, Last Airbender
The best one, i've waited approximately for 3 hours and 24 minutes to complete downloading the whole chapter of the Anime. Love it!
Spirited Away (2008)
anime that lies forever in the heart of Japanese. culture yet, ghost-ful trail~

best jokes

"could you please connect me to the you tube?!"
from the movie Another Cinderella Story, staring Selena Gomez.

best song
i have no idea, all of the songs seem to have their own attraction, but thats ok.
i'll give you one.

Carry You home - James Blunt

best Lyrics
goes to Evanescence - Imaginary

Lyrics | Evanescence lyrics - Imaginary lyrics

best scene
scene from The Nanny..
when Mr Sheffield was naked in the Bathroom, and Ms. Fine comes into the bathroom and saw him...


the scene when Mr. Sheffield was unconscious, then, Ms Fine shave him for surgery. haha

so, i think that are just enough! till next time, wait for the other part!

Monday, January 11, 2010

its a wonder fool day baby!

Dear Readers,

locations: MRSM Pasir Tumboh, KB Mall
activities: Going down memory lane, Shopping for mirrors
note: fun-taste-it! haha

its a wonderful day for us. cant wait for more yet to come...

the fun began when Lutfi came and picked me up at Yakin Pandu. haha.
we left for Syahrin's residen.
sampai laaaaa....

then, with appreciated help of Syahrin's mom, we were driven to beloved MRSM Pasir tumboh. best giloss!
pulak sampai.

first step in, we were enthralled by a man, pok guard la. he's an evil one. u know y? because he on the first place, didnt allow our entrance, then, gives us a visitor card. what the heck was he thinking???!! pfffffttttttttttttttttt...

sterusnya pulak, wah, we first met ustaz hisyam, wah, best, its been a long time, then, we went into the teachers room, wahh! over joyed by Puan Azah, seriously, we had no idea on getting on a long talk with her, how long? dont ask. extremely. but somehow, we manage to make sweet escape from her, and went for other teachers, Miss Suriati, Miss Bib, ustazah Aminah, ustazah hasmida, ustazah zaleha, puan hasnah, puan hasnah, Miss Sham, Miss Has, Pn Inshi, Mr azman, Mr hamid, Mr kamal, etc.

thrilled when we first enter the psp. wah. too much warm to forget.

kak ayu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha
its terrible, kak na mc!

story telling2.

like we've done it forever.

then, we took a walk down memory lane to koop, ds, barely into the aspura, etc.

seriously, it was an excitment that should never be missed.

let the pictures took the honour to show the fun we had.

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaa, we just love the day, in fact, we forgot the time was running so fast that we spent about 5 hours there, from 11 am to 4 pm. hahaha. that was so much fun.

wah, gaga. keletihan sudah berbual.

made our way to kbmall by a cab, for RM 18, no worries, Kak Ma gave us RM 20 for that. haha.


first stop, bowling alley, Pacific Bowl, just like its name, it was pacific!

jubilant babeh!

palyplayplayplay laugh all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... best!

let the picture do the talking,




then, we also snap some photos on the roof tops, interesting tho'






a tired yet, a fun day. i'll be missing it with regrets,

Thanks for reading!