Sunday, June 27, 2010

an entry for mama; a dream

dear mama,

well, i remember being home for six month before persuing my studies here in UiTM Puncak Alam, wake up every morning when you're there to wake me up and at least i need 5 different alarm tone to wake me up at hour 0630. Home, went jogging and remember on the first day so, i was too exhausted like super exhausted and called you for you to come and pick me up. haha. it was funny btw.
*told u not to tell papa.

i dreamed a dream here.
the dream was in black and white with surround sound voices as clear as thunder, as if i am with you at that particular time. it comes naturally.

the dream; the day was windy and the day was also cloudy as if the rain was going to drop anytime from that time, but somehow, it didnt. and then i was there, playing like a child that worries of nothing, fooling with others and when its the time to head home, i start pacing home. arrived safely, save and soundly. and then, i saw u reading on the balconyon your favourite garden chair, waving hands to me, greeting me welcome back. gracefully. i dashed towards u, and then, i sat next to you, asking what are you reading, and you answered me well. then, act lovely, with love, i settled my head over your lap. and you touched my head like i was a baby back then. i fall asleep.

its sad, its touching, its warmth thee can feel through the writing itself.
how i feel is super cool, like i'd never had before.
like loving my mom for the rest of whole charming continuos life of prosper and joy. i love my mom. ♥ ahhh. HOMESICK?

therefore, i called my mom.

"mama, i dreamed a dream last night, it was us"
"and i wanna go home. i miss u and dad and all of us"

its common, its the first time being apart from loved ones far away from Kelantan, though i have done 5 years of boarding school, but then, it was in Kelantan it self. dont tell me. ☺

“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds us closer together, and the music that brings us harmony.”

i love you mama.
and family.


fatihah aminah said...

I love this post. i miss my family too ;)

fitri said...

haha. love it too. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Fyzal said...

nice words !

ninis said...

i miss them too.and because of that,nis naik bus 1st time utk balik rumah!haha.

fitri said...

@fyzal ; thnks!

ninis: rndu kan/./ hahaha