Saturday, April 24, 2010

everything clearly potrayed

dear readers,

upon my vision towards the tv for 30 minutes filled with information with TV3, for Buletin Utama, i learned that a nation should speaks as one. and that automatically, deducts the spirit of 1 Malaysia.

the acumen here, disgraced politician should know their roles in inspiring the nation to develop the sorority Malaysia that speaks as whole, as one, for the theme ; 1 Malaysia.

plotted great by Buletin Utama TV3, from the dirts in the Parliament to the bottom end of the Hulu Selangor field. kick-started by, Anuar Ibrahim, uttering harsh words toward the Government, telling that, the idea of 1 Malaysia, is adapted without 100% origionality from 1 Israel, and without regrets which clearly showed that it was not rather adapted as a whole idea from Israel, our PM, Najib answered.

and then, the coverage made easy by TV3 crews on the latest hip at Hulu Selangor shows that, Malaysia with a bit filth in politics and corrupted and also, blidnfolded with luxury and greeds.

if you now know what i mean, you might also want to wake up from this delusion that holds a string towards 1 Malaysia.

aiming the opposing team because they had no power to the media coverage since they oppose was not good at all. it gives us super vision that they are opposing for no reason or even bad and ugly reason.

yes, corruption happens. but, they were blindfolded. think. they were just hooking up votes so that they'll win.

Islamic topics, shouldnt be discussed, but the problem here is, Islamic features, is the main pole for PAS. arguement on this topic, will end at least for 3 days with police and JAKIM. ahaha. (a joke)

speaking as whole, for politics in Malaysia.

thats all. thanks.



Anonymous said...

politics, politics...
i never get this thing. D;

fitri oh fitri said...

kan. me too. but hey, we'll be gettin into this soon enough. we'll have to vote. ahaha.

Markjue said...

i vote for afiq zaulkafly for the ulu selangor hahahahaha

fitri oh fitri said...

okay. haha. gilo.

chapaticokelat^^ said...

falls in love with ur perspective :)

fitri oh fitri said...

ye. haha. trimas.