Monday, October 18, 2010

share-share moment:what r the most scariest ghost movie u hav seen????

none. i'm not afraid of any ghost. despite their existence, they linger around us right now. i mean it. but only in different dimensions where ghostly ghoul things are. Unfortunately, we cant see them much unless they wanted u to see them. And they see u everytime. ROTFLMAO. and I can even think that its unfair for us because they can and we cant. so, by fault, i'm not bragging, i'm stating.

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rossoneri said...

ala takut2 gitu je..bila dah abes cerita tuh,habislah..xadalah sampai terbawak2..kalo nak g tgk wayang, mesti cite hantu..hahaha...tak mainlah cite antu mat saleh,cite antu asia tenggara je best.

fitri said...

hahaha. cite hantu lawak kot. haha