Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Education Status = Good Future??

dear readers,

having no intent to hurt anyone at all, i posted this as my point of view and have nothing to do with anyone or anything happening around everyone except for my MUET practices. LOL.

people perceptions today are of PROSPERITY aka MONEY and ways to get them easy and fast. one of the way is to have a good education.

Good education here may vary to several opinion.

Opinion one; Stable and equal Education where people ought to do books and sports in a balance portion of both and good social life with average CGPA of 3.5 and above.

Opinion two; achieve CGPA 4.oo. (ohh??) which means books are forever.

Opinion three; co-curriculum

opinion two is rather as annoying as opinion three. seriously, no offense, but if you're in it, it seems that you lost control of your life, you'll face problems you may not expect before days after. but whatever, theres no one like that. (yeah??). 

this type of kids are ought to be successful enough but somehow they may face several challenges as well.

what if i say that education may help only for about 60% and another is 40% goes to luck and else?


as a living mortal until now, i saw lots of underestimated people who are worthless during their school days and somehow, they achieve even greater successes in life which out-compete the people from opinion one, two and three.

yes there are sports scholarship but they ended up being in locker rooms filled with dirty socks and stinky jocks towels and stuffs. and the people from opinion two will usually become less aggressive and start tumbling down a fault they did before which is only keeping themselves in the room with books and only books which unable them to satisfy the needs of healthy relationship between the earthlings that will eventually cost them suffering in finding jobs and and some suffer in communications problems. and hell yes the soft skills are soft yet extremely important.

what say you. so, if you're an average good Joe to nature and other people an even achieve the average grade of below expectations from your mom and dad and others (assumed 3.5), theres time. polish everything up and you're making your way to victory. fall today doesnt mean falling forever.

and that's life i'm talking about.

Good Luck.

thats all. Thanks. 


suffiakmal said...

haha ! good luck..u know what sometimes i think that our education system is not fair because not all the students are intend to involve with sports n wtv..and...its more to rezki..if u work hard, pray, then lets Allah does his work , success gonna be yours! right ?

fitri said...

right totally.

coklat said...

aaaaaaaaaa.... ada hantu "follow fitri" ikot my cursor!!! hehehehe.. anyway.. since u still study, n no matter what i think about how ridiculous it may seem to be (our education system), nak wish u best of luck!! belajar leklok taw. n thanks lawat my blog :)

fitri said...

thanks! ahaks. i did.

Anonymous said...

mantap la fitri!! :D u should send this to letter to editor section in nst :D haha!gud luck btw!

fitri said...

oh. ala. maluu. thanks!

Anonymous said...

haha,4 me there's no such thin' as luck,,it juz rezki=)

fitri said...

yes. rezeki can be considered as luck u see. but somehow. i doubt myself too because of ur comment due to things we've learn in AGama Islam rite. hoho. thanks for commenting. because i had it hard these days with low achievement.