Sunday, May 2, 2010

cat that heals.

dear mishpuchahs,
havent heard awhile from is it? haha.

cats are sometimes, very cute as they came crawling with flashy eyes, and cute faces that were fun to play with. and sometimes, seemslessly, annoying enough that it might just have gives you a terrible run on your lovely socks or even your now-poverty stricken-like faces.

and everything as we knew them, have their own of pros and cons, so do cats.

upon my sighting with the TV programme at channel 1, RTM 1, The National Geographic, i learned that cat do heals people with condition of Syndrome Down. eventhough the do not heals completely, well, at least, they're often cured the anxious feeling of downs of their kind.

Then, curiousity overwhelmed. i suddenly wanted to know more about this deficiencies. i googled them.

well, in short, it is the brain at fault. the mindsets.

the brain is at the tension-most level when we do things we care not to. but it will be at the most relaxing state when we do things we like to and pampered to feel so. just like in the documentaries, the used cats as invigoraters to stimulate relaxation in the unfortunates mind. and therefore, it works.

yes, so cat do heals. haha.

so, do things you like when you're in depressed.

thats it. thanks.


Luqman Safwan C.M Fauzi said...

i've never had a cat..haha

fitri oh fitri said...

dont. theyre pathetic. hahah