Wednesday, May 19, 2010

lol can we speak anonymously on zoosk instead of on here because i think u should know something just click here

yeah. well, its up to you btw. i googled something about Zoosk, and apparently it is something has to do with todays relevant online dating which against the main motive of

the climate change, global warming theory, anything, can be asked on this particular website (formspring), but its not even encouraged to ask such question during a chat in zoosk. so, whatever it is, stay and stick with ur main point of getting online all the time;to date or to spend time facebooking or socializing. thanks.

Ask me anything


Anonymous said...

do we realy need all these websites? >.<"
it's just a one damn freaking question.
i prefer someone ask me in the chatbox instead. its easier.

sorry, its just my opinion.
feel free to give a contradictory opinion. :)

Anonymous said...

btw, nice new layout! ;pp

fitri said...

yeah i totally agree wit u. this is just another freakin spam. yeah!