Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hard to excel? what to do? HELP

dear readers,

i ran through an error in blogging few weeks before, i confronted it well, somehow, i'm back.

the thing that startles me the most is the competition in achieving super-high results in finals. but wondering with such condition, will just cause me pressure and mood-swing. But then, when it comes to something like this, i cant afford to tell myself an inspiring stories written for Hallmark, instead, i sleep and wakes up with attention and power; power to forget problems and continue living a dignified, full with fallacies and frauds-full life.

but hey, does the problems solved?. they dont. they merely, just behind me. i forget a second and remember the next. therefore, the saying; what goes around comes around.

and yes, i fear such challenges. Challenges that may fail me. Made others run an office of money-making, controls the global fundamental market, gives labels to worlds for aliens to descend from Mars and start living in planet Earth or delivers people by minutes to Moon by a specialized shuttle. Its not impossible except FOR THE ALIEN THINGS.

how do i cope with such situation then?

i have therefore wilt to study hard, like really hard to excel. stop the worldly delusion around me, start discussing Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, do every single work, wilt to try all Maths, mind-boggling questions with no such thing as NO and succeed.

I have no other choice but to surrender to mighty conscience that tells everything.
going to get out of this comfort zone. i'm leaving. bye.

remember this, we appose, God may disposes. Pray for better effect yaww!

thats all. later on then.

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