Tuesday, April 13, 2010

honestly, what do you think, personally about shinchan :p ??

dear readers,
this is another questions in my formspring inbox.
well here goes.

frankly speaking, its fun for the whole family, yet there are parts where they should do some ripping before they'd air it. there are parts that only support adult supervision due to uncensored content that may flood child brain with disgraces and typical bad figures.
this will occasionally, brings arsenal to kids and their environment. such inappropriate movements and sayings or even changed quotations made by the main character Shin Chan and his father, could simply, filth child minds with frauds with no fault, which may cause abusive thoughts in mind and eventually, leads to massive social illness that are currently being the most burden burdening the government who are confronting with dirty politics, typical aristocrats and filthy parliament with thier moronic problems which may cause tremendous problems on the worlds gravity. (deep acumen).

fasten your seat belt, get urself ready for bad prospect of the toddlers favourite tv cartoon. its not a bad accusation on provoking people to banned the series but at least, you'll realize the danger of letting TV power run wild in your homes. well, here goes.

by simply watching the series, your child will adapt something you wouldnt even want to;

harsh words.
nasty movements.
junks food-feeding.
abandoning mothers at shopping complex particularly on sales time.
neglecting homework; teachers, friends, and even family.
dirty and filthy child sex fantasies (ouch).
many more.,

so, in short, do sth about that. save ur child from these things. dont say i didnt warned you. huhu.
and child, kids like shin chan may seems very cool, but behold the true him; be-friend them never.

thanks to anonymous for the question.

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rossoneri said...

ada satu siri shinchan tuh,dia tgk satu kartun ni suka wat aksi2 yang kurang ajar,n shinchan ni pun tirulah,ramai bdk gak yang tiru,ramai parents yang marah suruh hentikan kartun tuh..sgt kelakar sbb, siri tu macam perli sendiri punya kartun..sebenarnya,wpun nama je kartun, kalau dah kartun jepun, bukan smuanya utk kanak2..
and i dun think shinchan is for a child to watch..

fitri oh fitri said...

thu xpa. huoho. mcm anime. penuh unsur keganasan, weeeeeeeeee. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

i dont hv a child... so.. :D
anyway, aku ske cite2 gini...
klu western punya ada south park. mmg best. xp

fitri oh fitri said...

uh. xle blah. aq suke digimon n pokemon.