Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buses on Booms

dear readers,

several times this weeks we heard about buses in accident and stuffs. but not what i've experienced.

i was lucky enough that i have manage to get home safe and sound. no doubt about the treacherous time my friends, other passengers and me had gone through. we were scolded for even asking.

the story started with a twisted twist, we have to change our bus with another one. and apparently, the bus we were about to get into, were about to undergo damages and some booms. almost explosive.

i' ve seen and observed the conditions of the bus and it seemed that some people were lingering around the back side of the bus where the engines were at. i thought it was a minor screw lost or something even more simple. therefore, we went on board.

suddenly, on the road, a suspicious odour smells like rotten woods from fire longed on the bus. thinking that it may be my friend releasing gases from bacterial activities in his intestine, i do nothing and keep silence. when, the smell got even heavier there were smokes everywhere, i can barely see the front. then, a quick boom boomed at the back of the bus, idk if anyone heard it, but it may be visible and audible by us who sat at the very back of the bus. seriously, a spark sparked out causing the bus to stop and the passengers to get off.

then, the drama got even more better, where a friend asked why didnt they (the people in charge) order up new bus for us. He got scolded right through his face. seriously, even i got the urge to slap him over again, more than a pound attack by Jigglypuff in pokemon. wek! haha.

well, we were marooned for almost 4 hours in the middle of nowhere at all and the substitute bus arrived at 8.45 sth. we arrived safe and sound at 1.00 in the afternoon.


Ajie Mohd Tahir said...

hahaha.kesian kwn kau.tak psl2 disyaki mgluarkan gas metana & hidrogen sulfide pulak.

tahla.suppose diorg lbih prihatin dgn plggan.tnye je pon marah ke?tak patut.=='
aku pon ade isu jugak dgn bnde ni hari tu.

fitri said...

hahaha. lol.

kan, aku pon rasa mcm nk menyepak je. hmmmmm

Anonymous said... tragic it was sound at the first place...but thanks god u all get arrived safely...hehehehe

fitri said...

ye. Alhamdulillah!

syairah nizam said...

seriously..d bus only d transport left here except if my parents fetch me home..
how am i gonna travel next tyme..??!

Si Gadis Semasa said...

alhamdulillah . agak menakutkan cerita kau tu . adoooiii . macam macam sekarang ni .

fitri said...

kan. aku pun mcm xthu dah mcm mana.. hmmm

fitri said...

sya. kan. only the best way. parents way!

fareezcleopatra said...

OMG.. u did not call me pun.. u at home rite?? so, if u read this comment, call me as sooooon as possssible.

fitri said...

mls looo. ahhhh

Zuwairi Rapi said...

aku kene gop...... =((

fitri said...

gaga. yelah.satu bus kan! hoho