Friday, November 26, 2010

Powerful words that inspire.

dear readers,

Later on previous days, I made myself as eager as a hungry homeless beaver, and excitedly made my way to lecture hall to attend a Physics class by Mr. Haji Ahmad which is probably the best Physics lecturer on board. (is it?)

He then, threw words by words meant for this last semester from educations, pointers and finally to motivating motivation. One genius phrase came out of his mouth, perhaps after lunch, still quenching taste and figuring out how to get rid of pieces of food left unbroken besides those teeht of his.

The phrase is genius enough to inspire 200 or more students in the shabby lecture hall with elegant lights dimming. This may sound ridiculous but it helps a lot. Read oh.

*rephrasing his words*

Students, words are powerful enough that it set our minds into a working machine. Instead of using the phrase " i have to", why don't we make it easier, use " i choose to".

get the idea?

for instance, " i have to study hard" and " i choose to study hard".
see? the main prominence is to leave u with a choice, wise mind choose wise. The choose is always had been yours. Its never anyones.

then, screw this; " i have to pray" and "i choose to pray". (HOW?)

but, as far as i concerned, through out our blessed life till today, we have been making decision and choices everyday every time. minutes and seconds matter too. the idea is not to give you less concern but to give you choices instead of a vital throw that gives out negativity like stresses and strains and also unfit non-productive being.

so, take control of your minds, choose wise because the one who will be affected is definitely you and yourself only.

Consider you are still studying and you have homework to do. Yes, you have to finish them. somehow, set your mind to ; i choose to finish my work. When you choose to, you will do it for yourself no matter what and other Wh questions. stop listening to stupid conscience that leads to nowhere and for what the future holds bad.

Rejoice and hear the sound of my voice.
Thank you Sir Ahmad Haji, i see physics can be fun. because i choose to. (wek) haha.

I choose to stop right here. See. i stop.

thank you.


far said...

erm..i have to n i choose to.. tapi kan, aku xtahu la yg mane lagi ikhlas.. but, i have to mcm kiter memeng kne buat.. i choose mcm kiter ade bnyak pilihan.. so semayng is both. have n choose..

fitri said...

oh. pasal smye. mmg tak boleh pilih. mesti! oh oh oh

Si Gadis Semasa said...

good entry lah horror !

fitri said...

thanks gadis semasa. pelik. nowww lagi best.

ninis said...

i choose to read this post and i choose to like it!! :)
i choose to study smart this sem and i choose to get higher pointer(can i?).hahaha :D

fitri said...

boleh ninis. GO GO GO!

Fadhilah said...


encik amad is always giving us inspirational quotes.long time no updates eh,,haha

but then physics is always hard as it is.tgkla,soklan final nti mcm dia ta penah ajar.better you start working on yourself from now on,bcoz i guarantee he prefers you ask him "is the ans correct or not" rather than you ask 'how to do this and that?"

fitri said...

yes, i see u've went a lot with him. hahaha. bru je dpt dia sem ni.

eva.syg.evo said...

err...i choose 2..err..i choose..err..damn..choose nothing..ngee

fitri said...

hahaha. pehal tak tahu pulak.

fitri said...

hahaha. pehal tak tahu pulak.

Anonymous said...

haha,,i wish i can say 'i have/choose to eat'!<i gettin fat&fatter~i dont hv choice n no one force me 2 eat As eat is my priority=)haha

fitri said...

wow. if eating is ur priority then u should. or in your case, i would suggest taking supplements! HAHA