Friday, November 26, 2010

Powerful words that inspire.

dear readers,

Later on previous days, I made myself as eager as a hungry homeless beaver, and excitedly made my way to lecture hall to attend a Physics class by Mr. Haji Ahmad which is probably the best Physics lecturer on board. (is it?)

He then, threw words by words meant for this last semester from educations, pointers and finally to motivating motivation. One genius phrase came out of his mouth, perhaps after lunch, still quenching taste and figuring out how to get rid of pieces of food left unbroken besides those teeht of his.

The phrase is genius enough to inspire 200 or more students in the shabby lecture hall with elegant lights dimming. This may sound ridiculous but it helps a lot. Read oh.

*rephrasing his words*

Students, words are powerful enough that it set our minds into a working machine. Instead of using the phrase " i have to", why don't we make it easier, use " i choose to".

get the idea?

for instance, " i have to study hard" and " i choose to study hard".
see? the main prominence is to leave u with a choice, wise mind choose wise. The choose is always had been yours. Its never anyones.

then, screw this; " i have to pray" and "i choose to pray". (HOW?)

but, as far as i concerned, through out our blessed life till today, we have been making decision and choices everyday every time. minutes and seconds matter too. the idea is not to give you less concern but to give you choices instead of a vital throw that gives out negativity like stresses and strains and also unfit non-productive being.

so, take control of your minds, choose wise because the one who will be affected is definitely you and yourself only.

Consider you are still studying and you have homework to do. Yes, you have to finish them. somehow, set your mind to ; i choose to finish my work. When you choose to, you will do it for yourself no matter what and other Wh questions. stop listening to stupid conscience that leads to nowhere and for what the future holds bad.

Rejoice and hear the sound of my voice.
Thank you Sir Ahmad Haji, i see physics can be fun. because i choose to. (wek) haha.

I choose to stop right here. See. i stop.

thank you.

Friday, November 19, 2010

and i go.

dear loyal beloved readers,

my 7 weeks of holiday is almost at its end; tomorrow night, i'll be departing and start making my way to Puncak Alam. oh. 

obviously, its boring to stay at home, and its pathetic to stay at the Puncak. but, in some cases, home is way much better. aaaaaaah.

and so, what a seven weeks brought me are none of boredom but a lot of excitement that eagerly-awaits to continue on my next holiday. when is it?! IDK. below are my contented-things i've done in this almost 2 month holiday:

download a bunch of non rated movies and some top box offices.

a gay glee marathon season one till the latest episode in season 2 trice!

watched too much of Shane Dawsons' and some of Brittany Louise Taylors' which are extremely awesome.

went overboard the fat-making express till i stop weighing.

keeping my self inspired by listening to songs i loved.

played multiple of new songs on the piano as well as sing to it.

download cool phone theme!

updating my phone playlist from Glee-less to Glee-full.

and the one i love the most is; i finished Pokemon season 1 and season 2 marathon! oh!

and some more i forgot.

well, i guess this second semester i thought i would be gasping for more knowledge then ever so that i can achieve a minimum of 3.5 average CGPA for the 2nd semester. oh. i wish i can. wish me good luck.

and i go.

and for sure, i'll keep my blog updated when it comes to things interesting enough to blog about. thats all.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ask me anything

MY ACCIDENT; this may sound like i bumped into a humongous lorry

dear readers,

noon today, i had gone through a horrible and terrifying experience that can be worse and may happen to anyone almost anywhere except for a huge field with endless ground to run free. is it? well, whatever, i bumped into an accident.

okay, its not an accident. its just a mere scratch naked eye would able to see in distance far enough to see it. though its just a scratch, it was agonizingly painful to just see it, because its on a brand new car. (oh, oh, oh). so heres the story from A to Z.

that noon, i drove my peroton Pesona to Kelantan's most favourite place, where else; KBMALL lah! i went underground to park because its noon, the suns hot than ever, it dances graceful enough that it may melt everything except for concretes and hard stuffs. (HAHAHA) and i thought it would be chilly down there, apparently, it tend to get hotter as i drove steadily looking for a nice place to park.

tadaaaaa. a place and some more at the last curve. i picked one close enough to the super pillar and the mighty wall. so, i was struggling with R and D, back and forth, tot tet tot tet, and ahhh. its hard and its super small. what was i thinking, idk, theres more place to park and even bigger. well, i guess we cant go turning back time. lalala. apekes.

then, one struck of reverse R, dabushh. there goes the side mirror and some ugly wide scratches end of story.

okay, its not as bad as its sound. or does it even considered as accident? haha. it involved me, my car and the pillar ONLY. there, its on the title kot. "this may sound like i bumped into a lorry wtv..". HAHA.

i traumatized, being scolded, being told a bad driver etc. well idc. trauma will last until next year. HAHA. bengong je,, 

this is one of my best experience ever. i thought me lesson, driving lesson and some other stuffs. haha. see. mistakes is the best teacher. wekk! =P

and Alhamdulillah i'm fine. and this messages goes to everyone. drive safely, remember the one who loves you! i ♥ u, drive carefully lah okay?!

and i am Mohamad Fitri bin Dzulkifli, 18 years old, and i once involved in an accident. super proud of myself. GILA.

okaylah. thats all. and i'm on my road to redemption. HAHA.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Education Status = Good Future??

dear readers,

having no intent to hurt anyone at all, i posted this as my point of view and have nothing to do with anyone or anything happening around everyone except for my MUET practices. LOL.

people perceptions today are of PROSPERITY aka MONEY and ways to get them easy and fast. one of the way is to have a good education.

Good education here may vary to several opinion.

Opinion one; Stable and equal Education where people ought to do books and sports in a balance portion of both and good social life with average CGPA of 3.5 and above.

Opinion two; achieve CGPA 4.oo. (ohh??) which means books are forever.

Opinion three; co-curriculum

opinion two is rather as annoying as opinion three. seriously, no offense, but if you're in it, it seems that you lost control of your life, you'll face problems you may not expect before days after. but whatever, theres no one like that. (yeah??). 

this type of kids are ought to be successful enough but somehow they may face several challenges as well.

what if i say that education may help only for about 60% and another is 40% goes to luck and else?


as a living mortal until now, i saw lots of underestimated people who are worthless during their school days and somehow, they achieve even greater successes in life which out-compete the people from opinion one, two and three.

yes there are sports scholarship but they ended up being in locker rooms filled with dirty socks and stinky jocks towels and stuffs. and the people from opinion two will usually become less aggressive and start tumbling down a fault they did before which is only keeping themselves in the room with books and only books which unable them to satisfy the needs of healthy relationship between the earthlings that will eventually cost them suffering in finding jobs and and some suffer in communications problems. and hell yes the soft skills are soft yet extremely important.

what say you. so, if you're an average good Joe to nature and other people an even achieve the average grade of below expectations from your mom and dad and others (assumed 3.5), theres time. polish everything up and you're making your way to victory. fall today doesnt mean falling forever.

and that's life i'm talking about.

Good Luck.

thats all. Thanks.