Thursday, April 29, 2010

free pizzas?

dear blog mishpuchah,
its me again invigilating to invigorate this blog with irrepressible isle of words.

who would resist the irresistable pan pizza with the Hawaian Seafood on top, and thats why i got one, for free.

haha. its a long story though.

people who serve others should be laudable, but this is the opposite.

at that particular moment, i ordered 6 pizzas with add ons of chicken wings for RM210.00. as they promised and statedin the company policies, that they had 30 minutes guarenteed arrival and hot as it just came out from the burning hot stove. they did a great job on that. those orders safely arrived 32 minutes later (i dont mind 2 minutes extras).

but wait.

it doest even mean all pizzas were here already, noticing the missing-in-action figure, i abruptly, called 1 300 88 2525, yes, which linked me to the HEADQUATERS, in KL.

"yes mr, i'll inform my staff for the immediate response" said the operator.

*rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggggggggg, suddenly, the phone rang.

it was the Pizza X Branched(branched as X as confidential as it is).

"i'm sorry mr. because of our mistake. But why do you called our HQ?"uttered the lady in charged with morose.

"and i'm really sorry for that you got scolded bad, idk that it was your HQ at first, just make sure u didnt do such thing again"i wisely spoken.

"ouh, okay, so, for the regret, we'll send you free pizza, okay"answered the lady again with sigh in the end.

"if thats okay with u"with glee they considered it as a yes.

wow. 15 minutes later, there they were, the 6th pizza and another one of free. thankful indeed i am. and then, there are leftovers. a box of it. hahaa.



.::WaNiE::. said...

sent here the leftovers

hahahaha ada satu kotak kan?

ninis said...

waaaaaaaaaa.nak jugak.hahaha.

Anonymous said...

wow, then what happen to the leftovers?

fitri oh fitri said...

@ wanie; xbole. nanti xfresh. (kedekut sebenarnya).

@ninis; xbole2. haha

@lee; in the fridge