Friday, April 23, 2010

old hags hit like a sand bag.


its Friday. and i am thankful enough, that i confronted no dilemma today.

well, performing Jumaat prayer is no longer a doubtful compulsory thing for men to do.
from old folks to monthly years old kids. (is it?)

yes. so, for the regular basis on any other Friday, except today, with no dilemma, as already mentioned, i went for a Jumaat prayer.

and. here comes the title that tells;

old hags hit like a sand bag

as i walked myself into the mosque, pacing for my favourite place, under the barely-rotating-stain filled-fan, there was an old man. just like any other old people who was there, he also, murmuring, chanting some words praising the Lords great creations on the planet so called Earth, i guess. (???)

but then, there were also, terrible kids about 10 to 12, uttering words, i could barely heard from quite a distance. very. but they're just kids, what do they really know?

but heres the speaking title, the old man i was talking about just now, seemed to be disturbingly loud. he chattered like it was a sale or a Bar Mitzvah party. and he did noticed that people were noticing him and giving him the look to keep silent. but the more the people warned him, the louder he would be. seriously, he should be ashamed of himself due to such disgrace. meanwhile, the kids did stop when the sermon started. but the egoistic-maniac-extremely-annoying Pak Cik, which was the old hag hit like a sand bag. they bother nothing as they keep on speaking out loud. gosh, i thought he'd never stopped.

shouldnt they keep their mouth silent and forbid kids to talk or even playing in such places. and tell nice meaningful and full of moral values story and words? what an old useless hag. urgh.

thats all. thank you.


ninis said...

mwahahahhaha.annoying gile.sabo je la ye.ntah pape laaaa pokcik2 ni.HAHA~

fitri oh fitri said...

thu xpa. urgh!

Syakirah Azis said...

pokcik tu stress to the max kot, mmg tak leh keep it in lagi... haha, but still no excuse!

fitri oh fitri said...

haha. annoying doe. dah la suara mcm kecik gituh. uhh. benci.