Wednesday, March 31, 2010

two very fine days turn out seriously bad.

dear readers,

none educated people usually will do anything just to get things straighten up; their poverty stricken shit family and their own social life with drugs etc.
and that bring so much massive social illness and for sure, more will end up in hell.

my two very fine days at Sutera Beach Resort and Spa ruined just when i got my foot into my kitchen and finds out the door was left open by shit people. urghh.

seriously, adrenalines are at high stakes. if i caught those shit people i'll shit their asses into shits.

roughly, its about 10k off loss.
its not that big, compared to other things, as if, they took my new flat screen computer monitor of Samsung, dad's expensive Rado watches, and a piggy bank of paper money(of RM10 etc).

the conscience confused as they do not take an iPhone and other computers accesories, and seriously, they are computer-illiterates. such a pity things to say but they are really dumb.

police, if you read this, comment! and do take some responsibilities. no report will be lodged, because its not as hot as hell that they will be going too. shit.


thats all. thanks.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

tagged by Pa'In.

dear readers,

haaaa. another tag! here it goes.

before that, credits for Pain!

Siapakah diri anda di rumah?

homers. i am a boy of 18, who recently, the one with the brain. well, i'm also the only one who touches the piano that sometimes, as dusty as it could be, and i'm touching it without doubt and with concern. seriously, nature loving kot?! because i often switch off the air conditioner because i found it very cold inside out. i' also an energy saving type of guy. i switched nothing on except for the internet connection and sometimes the laptop charger. we called it economically stable! haha

Siapakah diri anda di samping rakan?

among my seriously intelligent friends,i am more to a loner.cehs?! not. i am a very helpful, when i'm in need they'll be there for me and when they are in need, sometimes i'm there,sometimes i'm not because i am tremendously busy with my music practice for hotel performances or even a competition. heee. active lol!
yet, they are more intelligent than i am and i seek knowledge through them.

5 benda yang anda idamkan tapi masih belum tercapai:

1- a brand new phone of my dreams ; N81. good for gamers.
2-be in university
3-going places of wonder
4-a duet with Mariah Carey
5- Be among the top 5 richest people on planet Earth. haha.

Siapakah nama pasangan anda?

okay, this is hard. my partner always understand my needs. always be there for me through pain and sorrow, we confront each other on times we would never think of, we face each other most of the time.isnt this romantic? aha.
oh my Laptop!!

Ceritakan 5 perkara yg paling anda suka tentang pasangan anda


Bilakah tarikh anda couple?


Lagu tema cinta anda:


Apa perubahan yg ingin anda lihat dari pasangan anda?

now its annoying. i think this tag is for people with soulmate. i hate this! uhh!


cik ain
mish lolipop
kakak muse!

okey. enough for now.haha.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

awarded awards. haha.

dear beloved and sincere readers of all time,

seriously, its been awhile since i last updated this blog. it is really a while, like a minutes ago. haha.

so, lets cut the chase, i've been awarded some award lately; these are them;

this first two award is from cik ain. wahahaha. Thanks cik AIn!

aaaa. and the other one is from cousin WANA! thanxalot.

aaaaa. okey, and i'm passing the award to;

seriously. everyone deserve it!

uhss. the tag goes;

7 things about me;

i have a yahoo mail account
i have a facebook account
i have a friendster account
i have a myspace account
i have a blogger account
i have a 4shared account
i have a youtube account

hahaha. seriously, lame and lazy.
thats it i think. thaks a lot.

people in internet doesn't really show their true self dontcha think? you look quiet in real world but boy don'tcha have a lot to talk when you're using internet? :D

first question; sometimes. people tend to not to show their true colours in this virtual sites of facebook, blogger or even myspace. but to me, it is seriously an illness that they will sooner or later caught up in their own world of downs and lies, and thats why, we have to really stand up against all lies and take a bow for a standing ovation of our own.

second; know me huh?! amazing. i may look quiet in real world. dont u even bother about me, because i may do so. but seriously, i'm not. think about it, why would a shy guy love to blog and even share the link to any other people publicly in myspace or even facebook? in fact, i also made music cover and promote it online. what do you think now ei? about the internet, yes of course i have a lot to tell when i'm online, its called "ideas". dont u ever heard of it? if u dont, seriously, read!
and apparently, you've been judging people by its cover. well, dont.

thanks for the question. love u and everyone else.

Ask me anything

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

kindness of stranger.

readers readors mishpuchah of the blog.

well, its akward sometimes to use yiddish based words in such contemporary English blog like mine. i tell u what, its fun!

so, last night, i've got this anonymous sms from a guy.
the unkown which was we were supposed to abandoned and not to talk to, made me more friends.

the point is, i didnt even know him right, and we were suddenly friends.

so, we text a lot that night, and occasionally got to know each other, started with name, school etc.

and i told him i was a former student of MRSM PC, and it rings bells in his head.

he told me that he know my senior, one; best student tuhh; KAKAK FADHILAH and a barely known senior; Humaira Tar.

then, i asked him his name and the name is Habibunnajah. he's a Japan ENgineering student in UNISEL. and also, we are now friends in FACEBOOK! haha.

told you. strangers are sometime, kind enough to be a friend, but, seriously, strangers could possibly a serial killer too. so, better watch out lah.

but hey, i've read a lot about these types of kindness esp by strangers in readers digest. read it, its fun.

thats all. thanks.

Monday, March 22, 2010

This is me Piano Cover by Fitri; REQUESTED

dear beloved readers and listeners,

so this is a request fulfilled, requested by NINIS.

this is an origional soundtrack from a Disney Origional Movie, Camp Rock presenting Demi Lovato, and the Jonas.

its a musical with lots of flaws and indications on youth towards life which was thought in the movie, is popularity. but hell, it means nothing in the end.

no more talking please. listen. click to download.
This is me Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

alternately, listen in here, live; wait for the buffered player from 4shared.
click to play.

no pic ha?!, well heres some.

dont forget to leave a comment and a request, i'll do my best to accept those request, and

kindly i remind u guys, if u want to leave a request, make sure, i know the songs, because
i dont play songs i dont know.

previous songs;

Hazy Piano Cover.mp3
i believe i can fly.mp3
I Turn to you Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3
The Climb Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3
This is me Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3
When You're Gone and Keep Holding on Mashed-up Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

thats all. thank u. l8er.

KBMALL typical disgraces

dear readers,

i had a fine day as for today, i went to the top and hot spot in KB, Kelate.
i mean, what else can it be? KBMALL. duhhh??!

with several friends and foes, its a very good day la kot. indeed.

not entirely shocked, i found out that there are some disgraces in the 3 storey building(is it? i'm not sure, wtv.)

pictures, now, talk.

sincerely, i have no intention in condemning the entire place, but, some of it have to do something with their services, believe me, its bad.

for the first one;

first sight in the lavatory, almost all of them, seriously, it was splendid and tremendously clean
you've been into the toilet.
(wah, now its confusing, i'm in the toilet's toilet.?-..-")
i mean, look at that, theres a seriously-weary-used-stinky baby diapers in the toilet.
if nowadays, we were paying too much concern on baby-throwing thing as if, the diapers can be thrown away like its nothing. it is something, its called hygiene. have ever heard of it? if u have, then, u know.

and this might stupendously shocked u much.

tadaaaa. can u see the images clearly? because it is blur enough as if people with short-sight will see nothing. haha.

its a baby roach in my empty cup.
its the baby, wheres the parents? ouh, they might be wandering in there. in the cooler. uh.
is that a typical disgrace or what?!
and this might be a very common thing if it happens in super public like on the street or something like that, but, hey, its KBMALL tho. wheres the standard?
uhh. GLEE(geli).
i got this free gift ( roach in a cup of coke), at the first snack stall if u used the front entrance.
so, dont go there. (pemilik sila baca, bongok!)
its a shit service. super shit. e.
thats all. trimas.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

and its a hell of an award. and its a tag too! haha

dear readers,

waaah, long time no see, yes, i'm kinda busy answering phone calls and filling up forms for my pre-u or even foundation programmes. but hey, there are still more to come. huh. and the site is even shrouded with mist and dust. a lot. haha.

uhh. yesterday, i reached out for my blog and went for the shoutmix widget on my page, and suddenly;

ouh. at first, i tot it was a contest i've recently joined. so, i clickoz the link.

dull enough, it was an award for me! ngeeeeeeeeeeeee.

wah, unexpectable. i tot, this award is for the women only. haha. btw, thanks a lot Koru!

upon receiving this award, i am entirely aware of the circumstances and the future set in for me, so, it have its own fobiddens.

1.Thank & link the person that gave you the award
2. pass this award onto 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won the award
4. State 7 things about yourself

below are bloggers who think they are beautiful. very la kot. haha. virtually not reality. haha. no offense.:-

amal aiman
naughty boy

7 things about me; (lazy and exhausting version)

1.i play piano
2. i play cello
3. i play violin
4. i sing
5. i love "dia" haha
6. i love my keyboard at home
7. wishing for a superb scholarship


thanks a lot. see you soon.

Monday, March 15, 2010

and, its gone?


i am one of a die hard fans of games neither from facebook, myspace or even my personal computer.
and today, i was shocked that there is no more rock legend.


but, it was so shocking that just last night at 12 am, it is still there, but here it is no more.

omg. i've lost one of my game.
other distractions which is good enough is CHAMPIONS ONLINE!

thats all, thanks.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

TAgged by Aleeya

dear readers,
from Aleeya.
here's the tag! kuang2.

wondering through online scholarship booklets.

duhh?! aint clear enough? i'm wishing on continuing my studies. haha

fit, fitri, tri FULLSTOP.

its my name, only, its been shortened.

hot. haha. no lah. its a barely me. get it? i write what i feel and found or even think.

lots of them come from GB! love GB!

"Aku dan dot dot..." by kakak SAbun.


i am mai
irs aka salina


answer me soon. haha.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


dear myself,.

well, people ouhgt to ease thee,
it is uselss,
sort of bugging thee inside out.

and ouh,
thee art morally down and superbly depressed.
gasping for more oxygen, needs and warmth of mind.
trying to hang on.
thee fell every time thee tried.
thee art tired, mindly, solely.
yet, thee art breathing, still..

still and still,
thee smile,
thee heart art,
feeling the needs,
the time that runs,
it kills.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

the fire relieved reliefs. life must go on.

dear readers,

so, the metaphor suggested that; the fire is my bad SPM result.

i guess you know now. i scored bad in this SPM, so do some of my friends,
but hey, there's more coming, dont stop believing.

aa. but, seriously, it hurt so bad, and tho i'm super wounded by the heart, i am now, jumping with Glee, and most Thankful to God Almighty, that gave me this.

I'm living my dream, i'll succeed one day, watch me.
this wont stop me a bit.

thats all. thank you.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

quick post; super nervous


mood: nil
feeling: terribly nervous
heart beat: tremendously fast
face: stupendously pale
thoughts: arghh!
wish: Straight A's

Good Luck for all SPM 2009 Candidatos, All the best!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ask me anything

before going to take your result...(SPM)

dear beloved readers,

days gone by, and it is just another 2 days before the grand day, for us, SPM 2009 Leavers.

and yet, the truth you've about to discover is nothing else like your usual exams. its the beginning of a new life, it helps you decide what do you want to be, what are you going to take, in short, your future.

so, lets get to the point; before you leave for your result, read these surah so that it'll help you some other way, to calm you down.

1- Al-fatihah
2- Al-Qursi
3- Al-Ikhlas 7x
4- Al-Alaq 3x
5- An-Nas 3x
then, pray to the God Almighty in the most humble way, for success as a Muslim.

and, before you depart to your particular school, start walking with your right leg.

for the Lord who disposes what we apposes, we shall bear the future that lies in the fate as written for us by Thee, the most compassionate, the most compassion.

God willingly, the success will be ours.
wish me luck! may Mohamad Fitri b Dzulkifli, scored 9A+.
we shall meet again readers, till now, thank you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


dear readers,
i'm tagged for the first time. hehe. i'll try my best to answer it!
its from ROSSONERI.

1) Adakah anda rasa HOT??

2) Upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda guna sekarang!

3) Cerita pasal gambar
i am addicted to Glee FULLSTOP

4) Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza??
it was last week, with my family!

5) Lagu terakhir anda dengar
it was Beautiful from Eminem, memorized!

6) Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini

7) Selain nama sendiri, anda di panggil nama apa
phitwee, fit, tri, horror, teri

8) Tag lagi 8 orang
Muhd Hanif
Fitri Ain
Wan Nur Aishah

9) siapakah orang no. 1 kepada anda
she's me cousin!

10) katakan sesuatu mengenai orang no. 5
we share the same name!

11) no. 3 ada hubungan dengan sapa?
toot! wakakaka. can tell a?

13) pesanan buat org no.6
good luck!

14) kata-kata cinta utk org no.2
wah! this is difficult. haha.

15) adakah no.7 dan no.8 mempunyai persamaan?
they'll soon be a Russian doctors.

16) berikan 5 yang anda tau tentang orang yang mengtag anda
she's a female,
she's not a male,
her blog is pinkish
she's not yiddish
she's not even british!
wakakaka. *merepek.

17) persamaan antara kambing dan lembu

18) perasaan anda buat tag ni

19)adakah anda tahu si rizman itu sengal..
and who the heck is Rizman?

20) gay or less
gay and less. (what is this?)

happy tagging!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

SONG REDONE; The Climb by Miley Cyrus, REQUESTED

readers and listeners,

this is the song from the movie that turn Miley Cyrus into the Hollywood Richest Teenager; Hannah Montana The Movie, and i am a big fan of it! haha. i like it damn much!

this song, is requested by
thru her Facebook account!

this post is settled with a stand-by player, just wait, and click to play


you can always download it! CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

here it is,
The Climb Piano Cover by Fitri

thank you for the request WANA.

for previous song download; click the link below!



Hazy Piano Cover.mp3

i believe i can fly.mp3

I Turn to you Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

The Climb Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

When You're Gone and Keep Holding on Mashed-up Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3


Friday, March 5, 2010

updated widget!

beloved readers of all time,

its been 24 hours since i last posted an entry, hehe.

this is a post to alert all of you of my new profile widget, it is super interesting!

its called,

with this widget, you can ask me questions on anything! and hey, dont get too personal! haha.
to make it easy, i've put a Q&A section with the Question Box in it.

it will always be here!
Look on the right side!

Feel free to ask me questions!
i'll do my best to answer it!

thats all. thank you.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

its on 11 Mac, it'll decide

especially SPM 2009 Leavers,

i'm sure, all of you, know what i mean, its the Result we're talking about babeh! haha


its freaking me out!

just this evening, my dad text my mom;

"when is the result mama"
"i dunno, thats what i;m worrying about, i hope Abe pass with flying colours."

and, i, felt like bursting out with tears.

what will happen? only God knows.

Dear God Almighty, give me the strength to carry on, give me success in both worlds. The past and the Future, i apposes, you may disposes . Amiin!


11 Mac, it'll decide!

pray for my success,

straight 9A+


thats all, thanks.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

so, ive made up my mind


since i've been asking you guys about what course should i take to further my study, so, i've made up my mind.

its a thrill that, i finally filled up those 8 sheets of UPU online forms. its kinda pathetic, but hey, this is life, wait until you buy a car, there'll be dozens of papers, forms for you to fill. hehe.

so, these are what i've picked;

"Medic Foundation"
"Science Foundation"
"Pharmacy Foundation"
"Dentistry Foundation"
"Engineering Foundation"

and i've been thinking, which one goes first?! i mean, the priority?!

yurghh! so, i guess i need more of your help.

can i scream now?

HELP!! haha

thats all! thanks. l8er.

Contest; "Aku dan Dot dot..."

readers and competitors of all time, hehe.

so, i've decided to join a contest, its my first one, the one who came from Tokei Sabun. hehe.
lets do it!

for more detail, feel free to browse the blog! clickoz!
the prizes, dont talk, superb! haha.

so this is my pictures or should i say my entry for the contest! i hope you guys love it!
tadaaa! haha.

"aku dan keyboard techenta"

"oh, my keyboard, my love, my soul"

"when i play thee, i fear no danger"

"i hear no tear"

" i fell no fear"

"i cherished my life that memoirs"

"but, when thou music stop"

"i'm back where i started; with problems"

"be my love; always"

k. thats all! thanks. l8er!

SONG REDONE; I Turn to you by Christina Aguilera

readers and listeners,

from previous songs i've done the cover, i'm grateful because all of you give me impressive response! i love u all! haha.

so, this is my new song cover, its called I turn to you, a popular theme song from a disney movie greatly delivered by Christina Aguilera.

Feel free to download. Ngee; CLICKOZ.
I turn To you Piano Cover by Fitri;
Wait for the buffered player!

hope you like it;
n oh,btw, the sound is a bit buzzy and less clear, sorry.

For Previous songs; download;



Hazy Piano Cover.mp3

i believe i can fly.mp3

When You're Gone and Keep Holding on Mashed-up Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

abruptly, WTF


this is dissing post by me.
its not the sort of disses from Eminem to Mariah Carey or either both. but this is one of my own kind from my book, book of life. :P

according to Sun Tzu; keeps your friend close, keeps your enemies closer.

so, just now, at 9.10 pm, i received a text message, with stupendously stupid word i've ever got in my whole life texting;


as i chose to not to bother the sms, the anonymous, send me more smses, and it really annoying and getting through my nerves.

and to cut the chase out, i gave up, and start texting this anonymous. it kept getting worse.

and now..

anonymous is still sms-ing me. help!

who are you, you moron, super stupid, retarded retard human?

this will never end. urgh!

thats all. thank you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

kids and prayer

dear beloved readers,

this one is my personal experience; encountered a moronic act of kids during and after prayer.

so, the story begins, theres this mosque, just a couples of stones throw away from my house. i went for the dusk(maghrib) prayer.

to make it short, during the prayer, i was concerned about two kids, which is one, my cousin, were playing with his friend. dont get me wrong, because i was next to them. :P

after we had finished, they mumbled and talked.
my cousin's friend start;

"eh, you were talking just now, you must pray again!"
"no i didnt"
"yes you were"
"did not"
"did do" ..
"did not"

"did do"
and my cousin knew that he must get out of this nonsense uttered words, so he said;

"eh, ok, fine, i talked, but you were laughing that time"
"why, its ok to laugh?!"

and i laughed. haha.
well i guess, considering their ages, that should be fine. can i? haha.
they are 8 !

thats all folks.
thank you.

first award; requested :P

it is always nice to meet new friends, today, upon my daily blogwalking scheme, i'd found myself a new friends, who willingly, added me to her facebook friend list.

to show my appreciation towards her, i'm giving her an honour, an award, which is; The First Friend Request from

here's the banner! congratulation.

link to her; MEERA

and feel free to add me to your friend list too!

just search for the name Fitri Dzulkifli in facebook, and you'll find me!

thats all, thank you.