Friday, October 8, 2010

The Last Airbender - My Personal Review

dear readers,

Recently, i had watched a movie from M Night Shyamalam, The Last Airbender. I was entirely attracted to write this review because of i was expecting something better than just windy apparel of the Air bending.

Here goes.

so, i see a lot of effort in completing such an Epic Nickelodeon's original cartoon series. The effort somehow was worthless. well, not entirely worthless but it's pathetic. 

The effect can be improved. Water bending looks like water bursting out slowly from a melting ice berg. The Air bending looks like the windy breeze at the sea, slow and steady. The Fire bending looks like it comes from a over-heated oven. Meanwhile the Earth bending seems like a accidentally fallen cupboard. Seriously, they dont look alive and look like a total FAKE. The scene where Prince Zuko, the banished prince of the Fire Nation fighting with Aang, the Avatar, was not poor.

The Characterization is way too different than the original cartoon series which makes the supposed-to-be-an-Epic a big failure. Where did the immature and playful Aang we used to know in the cartoon series? Is he suddenly turning into a serious monk, covering the tattoos and have a chubby cheeks? And of course, Katara is good enough and Soka not bad at times.

The plot is also less attractive, leaving the people clueless like; whats that and hows that???. In short it is very brief. Along the cartoon series, a lot had happen which makes it more interesting and alive as if we can feel the connection and what going on between Aang and Katara already. But in this recent movie, the plot is too brief that people are not entirely loving it. The reason is not to waste time and made the movie runtime a day play.

Somehow, I will look forward for the next movie, book 2 and book 3. I bet there are rational explanations for each points i've rebutted like, minimizing the budgets, lack of time and support and etc. Hence, I apologize.

Thats all. Thanks