Friday, November 19, 2010

and i go.

dear loyal beloved readers,

my 7 weeks of holiday is almost at its end; tomorrow night, i'll be departing and start making my way to Puncak Alam. oh. 

obviously, its boring to stay at home, and its pathetic to stay at the Puncak. but, in some cases, home is way much better. aaaaaaah.

and so, what a seven weeks brought me are none of boredom but a lot of excitement that eagerly-awaits to continue on my next holiday. when is it?! IDK. below are my contented-things i've done in this almost 2 month holiday:

download a bunch of non rated movies and some top box offices.

a gay glee marathon season one till the latest episode in season 2 trice!

watched too much of Shane Dawsons' and some of Brittany Louise Taylors' which are extremely awesome.

went overboard the fat-making express till i stop weighing.

keeping my self inspired by listening to songs i loved.

played multiple of new songs on the piano as well as sing to it.

download cool phone theme!

updating my phone playlist from Glee-less to Glee-full.

and the one i love the most is; i finished Pokemon season 1 and season 2 marathon! oh!

and some more i forgot.

well, i guess this second semester i thought i would be gasping for more knowledge then ever so that i can achieve a minimum of 3.5 average CGPA for the 2nd semester. oh. i wish i can. wish me good luck.

and i go.

and for sure, i'll keep my blog updated when it comes to things interesting enough to blog about. thats all.



Anonymous said...

3.5 and above. always m dream.. err never come true? haha

astaghfirullah. kena la usaha lagi kan..


p/s : i love school holiday ;D

Cik Jari said...

Gud luck.i hope dat U can achieve your target :) insyaAllah

suffiakmal said...

i dah kat palam okay !

fitri said...

awal gila suffi!!

fitri said...

thanks cik jari!

fitri said...

thnks utk macy juga

alifah ilyana said...

yeah ! home = much better . sometime it's too bored . but sometime college going so hard .

fitri said...

yeah. college sucks.haha

Eyriqazz said...

good luck ..u can do it..oh, i miss my university life

norfaridahanum said...

haha...selamat kembali ke sekolah.dan selamat berjaya =)

fitri said...

thanks both of ya.

oh. i'll be missing it too when its over.

liyana aziz said...

all the best! puncak alam?? rather pick puncak perdana! well, it my current place for my diploma.. =)

fitri said...

oh yeah?! i hv a cousin there graduating this tuesday. i hv lots of frends there too doing accounting!

Anonymous said...

Hello Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

fitri said...

Thanks! I'm flattered. Sure, but do leave a back link!?!