Monday, March 28, 2011

Want to get a phone call from Yuna? Adibah Noor?

Dear readers,

See this post may sounds like it is an Advertisement. Its okay to look that way, but somehow, i am sharing you the excitement in the rotting universe.
So, i was on the facebook and all of a sudden, a friend of mine IM me and told me to click on a link and do as it says. I did it and guess what happens, Yuna really called me. Although it is just a recordings of her voice used, but it is exciting enough to get you to cloud seventeen! LOL.

This is how you do it.

1. Click on the link;

2. DO as the instruction says which is pick the stars(language; English for Adibah Noor, Malay for Yuna and Mandarin for Pam & Van)

3. Watch the clips and wait for the end of it. (there are 2 parts of the vids, just wait)

4. Do nothing,just wait no matter what.

5. Fill in the form!

6. Wait again and in a blink, you'll get a call from em!

Other than Yuna, you can get a call from Monstrous Adibah Noor and Hot Chicks Pam and Van!Try them all now! LOL

What are you waiting for, try em!

Thanks people.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm back. FTW!

Dear readers,

so, i'm back blogging. yeay people. yeay! haha.

i was entirely revved up and fully motivated because there are people who actually read my blog?! LOL.

so here is a feedback; a positive one-

its in Russian and it means "nice blog, keep on doing it" or sth. i cant remember. well, most importantly, i'm back. LMAO.

as u can see, i hav new template wit new banner and stuffs. short, sweet and simple that is.

Thanks for supporting.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's something your excited about ?

Now, it would be staring at the plain white walls with some dirt on it and also with some spiders web at the corners. Because when it comes to studying, staring at walls are interesting.

Ask me anything