Sunday, May 30, 2010

Siapakah blogger yang anda rasa friendly?

sayalah! haha

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a week in UiTM Puncak Alam

dear beloved loyal silent and active readers,

the week spent on a leisurely-not-at-all speeches and verbs.
politics, Malaysian inferiorities and superiorities not to forget and loads of craps of unity and lameness uttered through speeches and sermons from sensible people of high commodities of UiTM and so one.

the keyword here is; LAME

the act of abusing other religion is the art of betrayal by their own of a kind.
these understandable-never-to-me things are mind-boggling.
example; an issue of killed Indian.
told be murdered by Malay people.
suddenly, a moronic value of stupidity of humanity adrenalined the people an politic crashed. politics alone, is good. but, it came to human too. they killed.
understand? oh, i dont.


clapping things. the word boring defines it.


chicken dance? ouh, idk, i skipped it. went for refreshment in toilet.


left-alone by housemate. okay. *kesian. alone is a luxurious matter place of the apartment, seriously, they were all home and i'm terribly alone. oh.

thats all. thanks. l8er.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

lol can we speak anonymously on zoosk instead of on here because i think u should know something just click here

yeah. well, its up to you btw. i googled something about Zoosk, and apparently it is something has to do with todays relevant online dating which against the main motive of

the climate change, global warming theory, anything, can be asked on this particular website (formspring), but its not even encouraged to ask such question during a chat in zoosk. so, whatever it is, stay and stick with ur main point of getting online all the time;to date or to spend time facebooking or socializing. thanks.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the call; UiTM Puncak Alam

dear mishpuchah,

yes, i'm still home. havent start my tertiary education yet. but the call wakes me up from this terrible fat-making sleep. haha.

ready or not, i am going to persue my tertiary studies at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Puncak Alam in about 3 days to go and left to measure.

not as pleasureable as it seems but, too bad, i feel like i'm not even ready for this. am i? aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.


yes, but hey, where else to go? i've denied Foundation in Sciences and Technology in UNIKL and Matriculation studies. meanwhile, theres absolutely no MARA or any JPA scholarship freely drawn for me because i'm not those geeks. haha. no offense beloved scholars.

aand so. i'll be leaving my hometown where fresh air with mild eves in the morning that kinda sooth me well which makes me tension-free, Kota Bharu yeah! (i ♥ u) this 21st May, friday.
the enrollment will be on 23rd Mei, which is on the next Sunday.

oh, please makes this feeling stop. haha.

not even a word i can preach to unveil this feeling inside out.
but i can say, i'm am physically materialistically ready for it. haha.
i had go shopping 2 days ago. and it probably reach 1k. thats a lot.
yeah, idc much. its my parents money anyway.

oklah kot, ready lah.

Foundation In Sciences In UiTM Puncak Alam Campus, here i come.

thats all. thanks. l8er.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

more moment to treasure; MRSMPC small REUNION. yeah!

dear readers,

*adrenaline starts as excitement begins.

the glorious gathering started and ended safe and sound. with joy and success. ahhhh.
so many to talk about. that was tremendously fun. argh! shit. i want more.

Started on : 10 May (1615)
Ended : 11 May (1200)

Activities: Swimming, BBQ, Swimming pool Rugby, Swimming pool Volleyball


Attendence: Mark Jue, Mesul, sidiq, Pok Jue, Fahmi, Fitri, Hanif Hasnan, Ise, Azim, Nuzul, Juki, Mak Pik, Lutfi, Ilme,Paih

let the pictures do the talking.

thats all. thanks.


Friday, May 7, 2010

the elder exotic *with Kelantanese words.

dear readers,

u guys caught me once again writing on old people with geeky stuffes.
but this time, even naughtier.

the sole super solar burning dazzling hot sun completed the noon today. just like any other water-draining noon.

the neighbouring were focused to a house in front for they were having a wedding ceremony.

well, teens always dont have the feel to follow such things, to them, it was totally, a waste of energy and time. me, instead, is not a prodigal, go everywhere with free treats.

for that, i went there too. hey, the neighbouring includes me too.

as my dad entered the gated green house, an old villagers call upon him as; "ore mudo", which apparently, means younger

people of the village. therefore, my dad walked his way towards the person paging him.

they conversed;

"acu tera baco teh gapo ore ata meseh ko ambo,kawe tuo doh, tok napok mano" pretexted the old person.
"SYOK! saksikan video mantap saya selama 15 minit, sms kan......." my dad exclaimed from his phone.

all; bursted out laughing.

at once the conscience spoke to myself;

"omg, wth is the old man thinking?" haha.

its not supposed to be like this, the elder are supposed to be amuring the youth with historically-challenged stories or Islamic stories, encouraging powerful mindsets of being number one the filth-free way of youth.

yes, it was theathrical, but hey, can u even imagine a 50-almost-60 years old man having a filthy minds full of sex dirt and corruptions? then it will be hysterical.

thats all. thanks.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


dear listeners,

here is another Piano Cover by me.

its been a while since i last done my song cover. due to some, technical shenanigans that held me stationery for a while. i hereby, say, i'm sorry.

so, its another request. by;

shes a friend of mine from a program in Monash University in 2008.
and yet, we're still connected.
so, heres yours.
its a song from Mambai like ages ago. ancient ei? haha.
thats ok. because it inspires people, nonstop, a lot. haha.
its called Kau Ilhamku.
you can download this song cover FREE. CLICK!

you can either, here it here online. by online streaming.

dont forget to leave me comment. and i know, this one is not the best one i've made. its lowkey. hehe.
for request. contact me through facebook! (see sidebar)
for more download. click link below.
thanks. thats all.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

cat that heals.

dear mishpuchahs,
havent heard awhile from is it? haha.

cats are sometimes, very cute as they came crawling with flashy eyes, and cute faces that were fun to play with. and sometimes, seemslessly, annoying enough that it might just have gives you a terrible run on your lovely socks or even your now-poverty stricken-like faces.

and everything as we knew them, have their own of pros and cons, so do cats.

upon my sighting with the TV programme at channel 1, RTM 1, The National Geographic, i learned that cat do heals people with condition of Syndrome Down. eventhough the do not heals completely, well, at least, they're often cured the anxious feeling of downs of their kind.

Then, curiousity overwhelmed. i suddenly wanted to know more about this deficiencies. i googled them.

well, in short, it is the brain at fault. the mindsets.

the brain is at the tension-most level when we do things we care not to. but it will be at the most relaxing state when we do things we like to and pampered to feel so. just like in the documentaries, the used cats as invigoraters to stimulate relaxation in the unfortunates mind. and therefore, it works.

yes, so cat do heals. haha.

so, do things you like when you're in depressed.

thats it. thanks.