Thursday, November 11, 2010

MY ACCIDENT; this may sound like i bumped into a humongous lorry

dear readers,

noon today, i had gone through a horrible and terrifying experience that can be worse and may happen to anyone almost anywhere except for a huge field with endless ground to run free. is it? well, whatever, i bumped into an accident.

okay, its not an accident. its just a mere scratch naked eye would able to see in distance far enough to see it. though its just a scratch, it was agonizingly painful to just see it, because its on a brand new car. (oh, oh, oh). so heres the story from A to Z.

that noon, i drove my peroton Pesona to Kelantan's most favourite place, where else; KBMALL lah! i went underground to park because its noon, the suns hot than ever, it dances graceful enough that it may melt everything except for concretes and hard stuffs. (HAHAHA) and i thought it would be chilly down there, apparently, it tend to get hotter as i drove steadily looking for a nice place to park.

tadaaaaa. a place and some more at the last curve. i picked one close enough to the super pillar and the mighty wall. so, i was struggling with R and D, back and forth, tot tet tot tet, and ahhh. its hard and its super small. what was i thinking, idk, theres more place to park and even bigger. well, i guess we cant go turning back time. lalala. apekes.

then, one struck of reverse R, dabushh. there goes the side mirror and some ugly wide scratches end of story.

okay, its not as bad as its sound. or does it even considered as accident? haha. it involved me, my car and the pillar ONLY. there, its on the title kot. "this may sound like i bumped into a lorry wtv..". HAHA.

i traumatized, being scolded, being told a bad driver etc. well idc. trauma will last until next year. HAHA. bengong je,, 

this is one of my best experience ever. i thought me lesson, driving lesson and some other stuffs. haha. see. mistakes is the best teacher. wekk! =P

and Alhamdulillah i'm fine. and this messages goes to everyone. drive safely, remember the one who loves you! i ♥ u, drive carefully lah okay?!

and i am Mohamad Fitri bin Dzulkifli, 18 years old, and i once involved in an accident. super proud of myself. GILA.

okaylah. thats all. and i'm on my road to redemption. HAHA.



Mira Z said...

hahaha good job! :D

shada wentz said...

wow :O

ninis said...

terbaik ahhh fit!!!hahaha.take cre lain kali!!! :D

Anonymous said...

haha. super duper cool.
i really tho dat u bumped to a treler lah. haha

bdw, i do enjoy ur writing.
thx for visitin m blog ;D

farcleo said...

hhhhahhahaha..fitri2.. mg ni gak eh..

fitri said...

hahaha. nice kan aku. hahaha.


.:hanif.razali:. said...

lol..len kali hati2..ahakz
x seteruk vios yg tuh my dad yg drove.

fitri said...

hahaha. bengong wei aku, siyes. hahaha.

oh yeke. accident bilakah?

wanaifat said...

trbaEk mu phitwee!!!

syairah nizam said...

nice one fitri..
mati2 igt xcident truk..hahaa
overeacted kjap

nowww said...

hahah . boleh lah die trauma . :P

fitri said...

@aifat; terbaek gaponyo. haha

@syairah: ahahaha. kan,sje je. kasi gempak

@wanie nowww; trauma lah. haha

Ajie Mohd Tahir said...

haha..cite gebang.XD

btw,nice 1 oh!buat saspen je.haha

fitri said...

hahaha. sje je.

lAl said...

layan la trauma tu...ahaks..


fitri said...

terima kaseh! hahaha