Sunday, May 30, 2010

a week in UiTM Puncak Alam

dear beloved loyal silent and active readers,

the week spent on a leisurely-not-at-all speeches and verbs.
politics, Malaysian inferiorities and superiorities not to forget and loads of craps of unity and lameness uttered through speeches and sermons from sensible people of high commodities of UiTM and so one.

the keyword here is; LAME

the act of abusing other religion is the art of betrayal by their own of a kind.
these understandable-never-to-me things are mind-boggling.
example; an issue of killed Indian.
told be murdered by Malay people.
suddenly, a moronic value of stupidity of humanity adrenalined the people an politic crashed. politics alone, is good. but, it came to human too. they killed.
understand? oh, i dont.


clapping things. the word boring defines it.


chicken dance? ouh, idk, i skipped it. went for refreshment in toilet.


left-alone by housemate. okay. *kesian. alone is a luxurious matter place of the apartment, seriously, they were all home and i'm terribly alone. oh.

thats all. thanks. l8er.


f.natasha said...

all the best dude! :) bila start msuk kuliah?

oh btw, oyp nk follow ak.dop pn.ish

fitri said...

haha. hr ni start. yeah!. laaa. xigt laaaaa

f.natasha said...

aku dgr wifi amat laju dlm apartment sep mg yg serba mewah itu.betulkah? :D

fitri said...

benar amat. hahahaha. seyes. laju la jgk. cume kna block pelbagai streaming and download webs.

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