Friday, April 9, 2010

friday's dilemmas.

dear beloved readers,

i'm writing about my dilemmas on friday; last night.

so, as usual, friday in the eastern zone, particularly, kelantan, is a great day for an escaped to a world of our own; of life and no work. in short, holiday.
but, the last day of hardwork that pays to the people living in other zone in malaysia.

however, i'm having loads of dilemmas. lets start.

i woke up from my deep sleep when its time, and the time is; when its about 15 minutes before Jumaat prayer. and heres the dilemma. i dont want to wake up early, its holiday, c'mon, no one wants to get up that early. the dilemma is caused by my conscience.


"eh, fitri, dont get up early, you'll have to take bath twice, first; before breakfast, then, second time for jumaat prayer, dont get up laaaa".
"you will have to change more clothes too. if u just stay asleep, you'll be in ur pyjamas and when u wake up to go to jumaat prayer, you can simply take a bath and change to ur baju melayu, does that save more time and water.=P"

but it seems that other force keeps waking me up. my mom. haha.

thats the first dilemma.
here goes the second one.

the conscience again;

"go nowhere, you wont have to change from your baju melayu"

thats another dilemma.
but, when, the family planned to go and visit mishpuchah or even shopping mall, i have to change and that is against my conscience.

do you know the point of writing this entry?
to tell you that i'm deeply in stress because all of the outside force that keeps telling me to disobey my loyal conscience.
tension! urgh!

thats it. thanks,.


Anonymous said...

didnt really get whats ur real dilemma is..huhu..*sigh~

fitri oh fitri said...

hahaha.dilemma; malas.

kenwooi said...

lol.. wanna wake up or not is such a dilemma ah.. =P

fitri oh fitri said...

thu xpa. mmg pathetic

Nadhirah said...

slaloo dilemma mcm ny gak.
pmalas pnye psl.mwahaha~~

fitri oh fitri said...

thu xpa. sgt lah dilemma.