Sunday, June 27, 2010

an entry for mama; a dream

dear mama,

well, i remember being home for six month before persuing my studies here in UiTM Puncak Alam, wake up every morning when you're there to wake me up and at least i need 5 different alarm tone to wake me up at hour 0630. Home, went jogging and remember on the first day so, i was too exhausted like super exhausted and called you for you to come and pick me up. haha. it was funny btw.
*told u not to tell papa.

i dreamed a dream here.
the dream was in black and white with surround sound voices as clear as thunder, as if i am with you at that particular time. it comes naturally.

the dream; the day was windy and the day was also cloudy as if the rain was going to drop anytime from that time, but somehow, it didnt. and then i was there, playing like a child that worries of nothing, fooling with others and when its the time to head home, i start pacing home. arrived safely, save and soundly. and then, i saw u reading on the balconyon your favourite garden chair, waving hands to me, greeting me welcome back. gracefully. i dashed towards u, and then, i sat next to you, asking what are you reading, and you answered me well. then, act lovely, with love, i settled my head over your lap. and you touched my head like i was a baby back then. i fall asleep.

its sad, its touching, its warmth thee can feel through the writing itself.
how i feel is super cool, like i'd never had before.
like loving my mom for the rest of whole charming continuos life of prosper and joy. i love my mom. ♥ ahhh. HOMESICK?

therefore, i called my mom.

"mama, i dreamed a dream last night, it was us"
"and i wanna go home. i miss u and dad and all of us"

its common, its the first time being apart from loved ones far away from Kelantan, though i have done 5 years of boarding school, but then, it was in Kelantan it self. dont tell me. ☺

“In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds us closer together, and the music that brings us harmony.”

i love you mama.
and family.

Monday, June 14, 2010

do u think u are famous?

are you kidding? i'm super famous. haha. *koya sahaja.

Ask me anything

how's ur life as ipt student ?

dear readers and intentionally-good question movers from

answering this question this late is a move that offended the person who ask it. but somehow, its better late than never.

*kinda buzy lately; too much thing to cope with.

by ameliafarina or

first of all, thanks for asking such question and sorry for the late reply.

when it comes to IPT, people think of assignments and stuffs. but do i?

lets do this in two different angles of perspectives.
heres the first one;

by the time i know emma be going to UiTM Puncak Alam. i was totally grateful enough that i am totally speechless due to the gaining with such a bad result than others who scored high enough to throw out a super bash party for it. Excited, enthralled, anxious, almost all metro positive thoughts of University life got over everything else from wears, outfits, worn-out jeans to Italiano Leather shoes. but somehow, it all changes.

well, exhausted as much as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did during his search for The Lost World and never had a chance to come back.

imagine this; climbing stairs that were specially made for sportsmen with Olympic level for their training as equal to our jamming session. the stairs, ITS KILLING ME AND 98% of STUDENTS HERE. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
well, of course i would be rather stupid to not like this school because of only this.
other thing bothering me is;

haha. not entirely national. is me-tional.
having the cravings for Kinder Bueno or a Mars Bar is at fault. they're haunted.

within temptation.

tutorials, lab reports, work sheets, online assignments and the too-far places from one another, are killing me softly.
its too much. y oh y.

okaylah. setakat itu sahaja. bye bye. sila tanya lagi!

Ask me anything