Wednesday, April 7, 2010

those culprits again.

dear readers,

remember those culprits, who broke in and stole some things in my house?
i wrote about them in previous post. if u didnt have the chance to read it, worry no more.
click here for the post.

so, here i am, writing about them, AGaIN!

how awful could they be? extremely.

since the last time, they went into my house, there are more.
three more houses in a single night, in my housing estate were broke in on last night.

considering such a havoc, people should regret themselves due to their highly-egoistic-more to moronic brain of not reporting those cases to the responsible authority, police.
this is because those culprits were having a bash from peoples hard work.
therefore, the act of not reporting those crime scene to the police, raised up no awareness to those shit people and led them to do more illegal things and as the result, people suffer.

since my house were broke into, my dad lodged a police report. the police came to our house and did their job. but it seems hopeless. and i'm starting to get sick of they too. =P!

but, realizing the state of alert, my dad, took actions. he called the police in Bukit Aman. (why so jauh?) and talk to the police there, and they guaranteed that they will conduct more search.

or shouldnt they hire a super-minded-detective who understands criminally-taught-pro minds.?

thats more like it.

its not like i'm blaming those cops for not doing something, but it seems that they, dont even care about us. its not the property we were concerned about, but, they safety of the housing area. we're all are put in a highly-hazardous state whereby, we cant even leave our house. and the feeling is, seriously, pathetic.

to make it more interesting, they're thinking about making a report to Aduan Rakyat.
haha. gila glamour.
what do you think they could do with this? haha.

thats all people. thanks.


anisalya said...

why not?the police also should be taught a lesson. they will say 'That wasn't my house. I don't care!"

Masuk Aduan Rakyat pun bagus apa or you should see your wakil rakyat. he needs to do something with the area he is supposed to protect, isn't he?

fitri oh fitri said...

u got a point there, and ur saying that they are selfish! huhu. ♥that.

haha. kan? kan?, wakil rakyat? uh. who? haha

rossoneri said...

kalau polis buat pengawasan betul2, rumah yang lain xakan jadi benda yang sama...

fitri oh fitri said...

thu xpa kan? polis letih kot. dan malas.

.::WaNiE::. said...

ala kalau kes mcm ni aduan rakyat boleh buat apee :P

and kalau kes2 mcm ni harap polis, u better not hoping too much.

Once my mum, kene pukul dgn budak lelaki, report polis, ktorg siap bagi tau kat mana budak tu tinggal.

yet police xamik apa2 action pun smpai skrg :) bila call dorg ckp byk kes lain. so malas la nak komplen dorg ni. komplen pun bukan dpt ape.

fitri oh fitri said...

haha, tuh la psl. diorg ni gila glemer kot. haha.

thu xpa. polis pon cam bengong jugak.

E.d.Y said...

jangan mengharap kat polis..gaji makin naik, tp malas pun makin naik gak

Izyana Jasmay said...

Hahaha buat jeh aduan rakyatttt Agagagaga :B

fitri oh fitri said...

@edy; thu xpa kan. hahaha..

@izyana jasmay; tahniah kat kakak kaw. haha.
tuh la, bole msk tv free.weeeeeee