Monday, April 5, 2010

officially eighteen.

dear readers.

060492 in memory.

song playing; "Happy Birthday To you"

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to FITRI, happy birthday to you!

my inbox keeps on collecting thousands of mail of people wishing me happy birthday, my phone ran out of battery because of lots of vibrations due to texts, facebook keeps giving me notifications, oh, how i am thrilled for today.

Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year: The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again. - Menachem Mendel Schneerson

the saying, is rebut-able.

yes, God gave us the same energy, yet, what you're about to read is perfectly, considerable and logic with no fallacies on the other hand.

heres the hypothesis;

the greater the age, the greater the responsibilities.

hypothesis is accepted btw.

technically, as we grow older, we have more responsibilities and more things to talk and share with which are also called as experiences.

well, to me, not much experience i gained as i went to boarding school for 5 years. feels like i am a persona non grata. a france word for the words unwanted person.

universities, paperwork, jobs etc will be ahead of you. in short, life.
all of us are well told that, children under 18, are prohibited from doing all sorts of things. pity.
but when you're old enough, the conscience will tell you, how hard it is to grow older with time.

it keeps telling you;

"hey, you're old enough to do amazing things"

two and last (the hardest part)
"hey, you're old, work your tuche up, and earn something for a living, get up."

hearing to the first one sooth us, yea, what do we say,

but, on the other hand, the second one, scared the hell out of me. jobs, people around us, commanding us to do things, etc, seriously, its mind-boggling.

but, hey, listen to this quote;

You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely

but, the consequences are deadly severe.
you may end up like a rat in a hole.
dont be.

its amazing how conscience taught us to write, some said that, its the murmur of the heart.
and what do i care about all this, all i know is "joi de vivrae"
i'll sure do. i'll do so.

"Happy birthday Abe"mom and dad uttered some simple words with loving gestures.

i just love you guys.
thats all. thanks.


rossoneri said...

happy birthday :D

fitri oh fitri said...

trimas rossoneri!

meera^da cute..*_* said...

wahh..baru nak besar..

meh kakak meera nyanyi lagu berfday..

heppi burfday to u..
u was born in da zooo
like monkey and kanggarooo..
heppi burfday to u..


-wish u all da best in the future..
-may Allah bless u
-have a great life

Mell said...

happy birthday bro !
welcome to 8teen world !

Husna Hadzarami said...

happy birthday bro.
muda sangat lagi ni.
pjg la perjalanan :)

•✿•fitri ain•✿• said...

epy bfday fitri!

fitri pun lahir bln 4 jgk lah..
kalau awk 060492,,sy 260490..haha!

Nadhirah said...

happy birthday! =]

fitri oh fitri said...

@kakak meera,
;haha, jht,. trimas btw, amin!


trimas. moga2 perjalan yg akan dtg, baek2 shj! amiin!

@fitri ain;
eh, fitri, haha. yeay! bulan empat rocks!


cikwanik said...

slmt ulg tahun ^-^

p i j a h said...


fitri oh fitri said...

trimas cikwanik and pijah!

aiza said...

hey u!
sorry for late wish...
hepi besday k! smile always!

btw, i loikee this entry!
nice entry,
later i sure will ask u many q.!

im following u k~ come visit my blog!

fitri oh fitri said...

laa. ur the one who asked me dat question? hahaha.
thnx. ask memore please! haha.,

A gUrL wHo iS rEaLlY wOrK fOr HeR fUtuRe said...

first of all..
wanna wish happy belated burfday =)..
so sowie wish lmbt...
bwu lpas exam..uhuhu..
bet u still remembr me ryte??
i just just wanna read ur blog DEADLY!!
{blog reader...huhuhu...not}
till then okay...

fitri oh fitri said...

haha. trimas. sila lah baca.