Friday, March 5, 2010

updated widget!

beloved readers of all time,

its been 24 hours since i last posted an entry, hehe.

this is a post to alert all of you of my new profile widget, it is super interesting!

its called,

with this widget, you can ask me questions on anything! and hey, dont get too personal! haha.
to make it easy, i've put a Q&A section with the Question Box in it.

it will always be here!
Look on the right side!

Feel free to ask me questions!
i'll do my best to answer it!

thats all. thank you.


Irs ♥ said...

sibuk je ikut orang.haha!

fitri oh fitri said...

wah! iRS♥, xkan xbole.

uhuhu, i bkn pentiru!

~kuyam~ said...

wow,macam best!haha :)

Blogger75 said...

Great widget wow!

fitri oh fitri said...

@kuyam; memang best pon! haha

@blogger75; haha. exactly!

cik bunbun said...

ehemmm.. klo tnye soklan mcm dah mamam belommm. buleh tak?

ngeeee :D

fitri oh fitri said...

buleh! haha. tnya la!