Thursday, March 11, 2010

the fire relieved reliefs. life must go on.

dear readers,

so, the metaphor suggested that; the fire is my bad SPM result.

i guess you know now. i scored bad in this SPM, so do some of my friends,
but hey, there's more coming, dont stop believing.

aa. but, seriously, it hurt so bad, and tho i'm super wounded by the heart, i am now, jumping with Glee, and most Thankful to God Almighty, that gave me this.

I'm living my dream, i'll succeed one day, watch me.
this wont stop me a bit.

thats all. thank you.


rossoneri said...

yup spm is not everything, even me scored bad in spm..can't go anywhere, then dun hv no choice, went to form 6...and hey, look where am i, go to Uni also did't promise anything, i still dunno whether i can get good job or not.. no matter where u study,make sure u 'study', then u can go anywhere u want ;)

Anonymous said...

hey, spm is not the end ok!
fitri, u'll be successful one day.
juz don't stop believing.
and don't stop striving for the best ok.

fitri oh fitri said...

thanks! this'll made my day!

Irs ♥ said...

mungkin rezeki awak bukan semasa SPM coz they are elsewhere.know where to find them :)

nishnish said...

dont worry as long as u have the vision ;)

lgpun, most of the most powerful people in the world were not even among the top scorer. they were the top "scoror" said by Ustaz Ridha in Intec x)

so keep believing in urself and strive for it! apa2 halangan kt dpn pun, REMPUH SAJA!

and remember, there's another life that we should be fighting for; the life doesnt end here, okay :)

keep it balanced =D

ninis said...

teruskan usaha!dun give up!nis pon akan terus usaha!chayok2! ^__^

rafaiz benitez said...

xyoh sedih2 la.
aku xstret gop.

fitri oh fitri said...

syg kamu semua! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i am mai said...

um... aku tak result ko jadi.... sila beritahu. macam mne result pc? ranking? brpe dapat straight As?

that aside, spm ain't everything. nobody even asks of it once you enter university. it's THAT irrelevant.

fitri oh fitri said...

mai. dun want to say it here la. lol. malu kot. haha

::sang musafir bertopi:: said...

salam .
yup , bila dah masuk universiti sume same je.lagipun result kau dah kira mantap , at least kau bukanlah orang yang dikira loser.kau masih ada peluang untuk UPU yang mungkin ade yang tak akan dapat sebab persaingan kuat.think positive , dude.kau tak mati pun kalau SPM tak excel.Hidup ini dah diplan sebaiknya oleh Tuhan , jadi lebihkan bersyukur , kurangkan ber-emo.

fitri oh fitri said...

kuang2. beremo. haha. alhamdulillah!

Fyra Ruslan said...

be more strong.
life need to move on.
my result bad oso.

p/s:support is the best medicine.

fitri oh fitri said...

tq support!

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