Wednesday, March 31, 2010

two very fine days turn out seriously bad.

dear readers,

none educated people usually will do anything just to get things straighten up; their poverty stricken shit family and their own social life with drugs etc.
and that bring so much massive social illness and for sure, more will end up in hell.

my two very fine days at Sutera Beach Resort and Spa ruined just when i got my foot into my kitchen and finds out the door was left open by shit people. urghh.

seriously, adrenalines are at high stakes. if i caught those shit people i'll shit their asses into shits.

roughly, its about 10k off loss.
its not that big, compared to other things, as if, they took my new flat screen computer monitor of Samsung, dad's expensive Rado watches, and a piggy bank of paper money(of RM10 etc).

the conscience confused as they do not take an iPhone and other computers accesories, and seriously, they are computer-illiterates. such a pity things to say but they are really dumb.

police, if you read this, comment! and do take some responsibilities. no report will be lodged, because its not as hot as hell that they will be going too. shit.


thats all. thanks.


Irs said...

i like the way u use shit all the time.haha kidding

just be day,they'll regret what they've done.

fitri oh fitri said...

seriously, they will.

.:hanif.razali:. said...

i dont think they will regret bout wat they'd done..coz, u know la..shit people..they dont have brain rite?? n if they do have it, it cant be use, cannot functioning well...but, i felt sorry for that..let us juz hope they will get wat they suppose to get sooner or later..huhu..just be patience dear

fitri oh fitri said...

trimas. seriously, they're all morons!

the ideologer said...

patience bro..i kinda know that feeling..several times..those bastards know nothing about the link between hard work and success..always make it the easy way..btw,lucky they missed the iphone..

fitri oh fitri said...

haha. yes they are kinda pathetic.

Fauzan Abdullah said...

OMG!! dats a lot man!!! im sooo sorry for u guyysss

sHieLa said...

"if i caught those shit people i'll shit their asses into shits" LOL.

I'm sorry for you. may future brings u a lot more better things. =p

fitri oh fitri said...

@Fauzan; trimas nyepot.

@shiela; hahaha. some junks from myself.
thnk! hoping for it!

fitri oh fitri said...

it was. thnks!