Monday, March 22, 2010

KBMALL typical disgraces

dear readers,

i had a fine day as for today, i went to the top and hot spot in KB, Kelate.
i mean, what else can it be? KBMALL. duhhh??!

with several friends and foes, its a very good day la kot. indeed.

not entirely shocked, i found out that there are some disgraces in the 3 storey building(is it? i'm not sure, wtv.)

pictures, now, talk.

sincerely, i have no intention in condemning the entire place, but, some of it have to do something with their services, believe me, its bad.

for the first one;

first sight in the lavatory, almost all of them, seriously, it was splendid and tremendously clean
you've been into the toilet.
(wah, now its confusing, i'm in the toilet's toilet.?-..-")
i mean, look at that, theres a seriously-weary-used-stinky baby diapers in the toilet.
if nowadays, we were paying too much concern on baby-throwing thing as if, the diapers can be thrown away like its nothing. it is something, its called hygiene. have ever heard of it? if u have, then, u know.

and this might stupendously shocked u much.

tadaaaa. can u see the images clearly? because it is blur enough as if people with short-sight will see nothing. haha.

its a baby roach in my empty cup.
its the baby, wheres the parents? ouh, they might be wandering in there. in the cooler. uh.
is that a typical disgrace or what?!
and this might be a very common thing if it happens in super public like on the street or something like that, but, hey, its KBMALL tho. wheres the standard?
uhh. GLEE(geli).
i got this free gift ( roach in a cup of coke), at the first snack stall if u used the front entrance.
so, dont go there. (pemilik sila baca, bongok!)
its a shit service. super shit. e.
thats all. trimas.


Gapura said...

Now that is gross

fitri oh fitri said...

yup. seriously. realy gross.ahh

nEo.. said...

baby roach??? eeeiii

fitri oh fitri said...

eeiii kn? gila eeiii.

rossoneri said...

erk wait, lipas dalam air???? urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, xpegi mengadu ke kat kedai tuu??????

fitri oh fitri said...

xsempat. dah habis minum dirumah baru perasan.

•✿•fitri ain•✿• said...

urghh! geli ah..

fitri oh fitri said...

thu xpa!

white.cempaka said...

blogwalking sambil makan sebab time laen takde mase..tersinggah sini..terbaca entri ni..
kembang tekak wey @_@

fitri oh fitri said...

ahaha. best la. kaw tgh makan. hahaha

ninis said...

eeeiiiwww eeeeiiiiwww eeeeiiiiwww.itu saje boley cakap.

fitri oh fitri said...

memang itu shj bole ckp! eu.