Wednesday, March 24, 2010

kindness of stranger.

readers readors mishpuchah of the blog.

well, its akward sometimes to use yiddish based words in such contemporary English blog like mine. i tell u what, its fun!

so, last night, i've got this anonymous sms from a guy.
the unkown which was we were supposed to abandoned and not to talk to, made me more friends.

the point is, i didnt even know him right, and we were suddenly friends.

so, we text a lot that night, and occasionally got to know each other, started with name, school etc.

and i told him i was a former student of MRSM PC, and it rings bells in his head.

he told me that he know my senior, one; best student tuhh; KAKAK FADHILAH and a barely known senior; Humaira Tar.

then, i asked him his name and the name is Habibunnajah. he's a Japan ENgineering student in UNISEL. and also, we are now friends in FACEBOOK! haha.

told you. strangers are sometime, kind enough to be a friend, but, seriously, strangers could possibly a serial killer too. so, better watch out lah.

but hey, i've read a lot about these types of kindness esp by strangers in readers digest. read it, its fun.

thats all. thanks.


syue said...

ex PC? my sister from there too :)

fitri oh fitri said...

yup2. batch bape kakak anda?!

HaNi said...

hye, saya ni jalan2 je..
nak tanya

"readers readors mishpuchah " maksudnye apa?

eh lagi satu, contemporary english tu apa pulak?

fitri oh fitri said...

uhuhu. xdelah/ readors tuh sje nak mess ngan english.

mishpuchah - family, rakan karib yiddish language.

contemporary english; english lah.

dia ade; old english n contemporary. huhu

fad.m said...
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fad.m said...

oh fitri! haha habib,yup,he's actually a fren of my fren,who's apparently became my fren,,haha

im so excited,hahah,,he get to KNOW u?wait,how come? tell me tell me!

fitri oh fitri said...

hahaha. is it? at first it was a wrongly sent messages, and we chat and get along well. and tadaaa! we;'re friends!

fad.m said...

haha oh great! he's nice,though..strangers are frens,who are not our frens yet,,rite?haha not all strangers are bad.even those whom we know ARE sometimes psycopath,and kill our family in backyards.who'd notice??

fitri oh fitri said...

haha. i'm with u with this!