Monday, March 1, 2010

kids and prayer

dear beloved readers,

this one is my personal experience; encountered a moronic act of kids during and after prayer.

so, the story begins, theres this mosque, just a couples of stones throw away from my house. i went for the dusk(maghrib) prayer.

to make it short, during the prayer, i was concerned about two kids, which is one, my cousin, were playing with his friend. dont get me wrong, because i was next to them. :P

after we had finished, they mumbled and talked.
my cousin's friend start;

"eh, you were talking just now, you must pray again!"
"no i didnt"
"yes you were"
"did not"
"did do" ..
"did not"

"did do"
and my cousin knew that he must get out of this nonsense uttered words, so he said;

"eh, ok, fine, i talked, but you were laughing that time"
"why, its ok to laugh?!"

and i laughed. haha.
well i guess, considering their ages, that should be fine. can i? haha.
they are 8 !

thats all folks.
thank you.


JameL said...

it's very cool to teach kids how to pray ... quite stressful but it's awesome and fun :P

fitri oh fitri said...

seriously. its a thrill!

Adila Ady said...

haha...cute je budak tu.dalammasjid pon nak gaduh.

fitri oh fitri said...

haha. tuh la. lawak gila!

~aSHa~ said...


fitri oh fitri said...

cute kan?! haha

cj'alhafiz said... can be cutes. but they really annoy me masa solat jumaat. keep ang talking and laughing all the time......not "khusyuk" in my solat anymore lah...

fitri oh fitri said...

thu xpa, memang srabut gila lah kot time solat jumaat!

Fina Fento said...

well..when i was at their age, i ate mamee during prayer which i put on my baju kurungs pocket..kruk~kruk~kruk..carefully chewing to avoid any noise :P

sarahunny said...

haha, funny! btw eh awak.. i am so pening with this cursor these words flying here n there..

ehe. ni hanya pendapat saja saja.. jangan marah tau. t dapat hadiah. kikiki. bye

«-°[§nºw.ªngè£]°-» said...

haha cumel ^^

Budak Pipi Tembam said...

haha...that's normal..actually they're still confuse with what they should n should not...hehe...

fitri oh fitri said...

@fina; lawak! haha

@sara; dont bother, i suka!

@«-°[§nºw.ªngè£]°-»; comel sgt!

@budak pipi tembam; tembam ka? haha. benar2.

joegrimjow said...

learn since kid

fitri oh fitri said...

yep2. stuju. melentur rebung biarlah dr rebungnya!

tujuhhariseminggu said...

thats why kid r the cutest thing alive... :)

fitri oh fitri said...

haha, me too! hahah