Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SONG REDONE; I Turn to you by Christina Aguilera

readers and listeners,

from previous songs i've done the cover, i'm grateful because all of you give me impressive response! i love u all! haha.

so, this is my new song cover, its called I turn to you, a popular theme song from a disney movie greatly delivered by Christina Aguilera.

Feel free to download. Ngee; CLICKOZ.
I turn To you Piano Cover by Fitri;
Wait for the buffered player!

hope you like it;
n oh,btw, the sound is a bit buzzy and less clear, sorry.

For Previous songs; download;



Hazy Piano Cover.mp3

i believe i can fly.mp3

When You're Gone and Keep Holding on Mashed-up Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3



ninis said...

hoho.salam singgah.first time usha blog ni.nice :)
tapi benda yang 'follow fitri!' tu scary me.ouch!but i love to play with it.haha :P ouh ya.nice play.i like it.especially crazier.ouh,how i love taylor swift soooooo munchie muchh! ^__^

fitri oh fitri said...

thnx ninis! i'll look forward for more taylor's. thnak!

Akif Mazlan said...

lagu jiwang2 xdde?
indon ker,, harkss,,

fitri oh fitri said...

alahai akif,kaw nak lagu jiwang ka? nanti aku post lagu jiwang. haha

•✿•fitri ain•✿• said...

fitri..follow fitri..


fitri oh fitri said...

ok fitri, fitri folo fitri nanti fitri! haha

ninis said...

OK.skrg xtau kenape xleh stop main dgn bnda biru tu.nk klik pangkah merah kt atas pon x sanggup.hoho.i already follow your blog but why that thing keep disturbing me???wakaka.sorryy.suke sgt bnda 'follow fitri' tu!!

whitedaisy said...

daisy dh dwld...thx mayk2:)

fitri oh fitri said...

@ninis; best kan. comel. haha.

@white daisy; thnx!

rossoneri said...

sexy ah suara...heheheh

fitri oh fitri said...

aha. lawak!