Saturday, March 27, 2010

people in internet doesn't really show their true self dontcha think? you look quiet in real world but boy don'tcha have a lot to talk when you're using internet? :D

first question; sometimes. people tend to not to show their true colours in this virtual sites of facebook, blogger or even myspace. but to me, it is seriously an illness that they will sooner or later caught up in their own world of downs and lies, and thats why, we have to really stand up against all lies and take a bow for a standing ovation of our own.

second; know me huh?! amazing. i may look quiet in real world. dont u even bother about me, because i may do so. but seriously, i'm not. think about it, why would a shy guy love to blog and even share the link to any other people publicly in myspace or even facebook? in fact, i also made music cover and promote it online. what do you think now ei? about the internet, yes of course i have a lot to tell when i'm online, its called "ideas". dont u ever heard of it? if u dont, seriously, read!
and apparently, you've been judging people by its cover. well, dont.

thanks for the question. love u and everyone else.

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Anonymous said...

that's one hella title u got there. >.<

fitri oh fitri said...

its not even from me. its a question people asked from formspring dude!

From The News said...

nice one!

fitri oh fitri said...

uhuks. thnks!