Sunday, March 28, 2010

tagged by Pa'In.

dear readers,

haaaa. another tag! here it goes.

before that, credits for Pain!

Siapakah diri anda di rumah?

homers. i am a boy of 18, who recently, the one with the brain. well, i'm also the only one who touches the piano that sometimes, as dusty as it could be, and i'm touching it without doubt and with concern. seriously, nature loving kot?! because i often switch off the air conditioner because i found it very cold inside out. i' also an energy saving type of guy. i switched nothing on except for the internet connection and sometimes the laptop charger. we called it economically stable! haha

Siapakah diri anda di samping rakan?

among my seriously intelligent friends,i am more to a loner.cehs?! not. i am a very helpful, when i'm in need they'll be there for me and when they are in need, sometimes i'm there,sometimes i'm not because i am tremendously busy with my music practice for hotel performances or even a competition. heee. active lol!
yet, they are more intelligent than i am and i seek knowledge through them.

5 benda yang anda idamkan tapi masih belum tercapai:

1- a brand new phone of my dreams ; N81. good for gamers.
2-be in university
3-going places of wonder
4-a duet with Mariah Carey
5- Be among the top 5 richest people on planet Earth. haha.

Siapakah nama pasangan anda?

okay, this is hard. my partner always understand my needs. always be there for me through pain and sorrow, we confront each other on times we would never think of, we face each other most of the time.isnt this romantic? aha.
oh my Laptop!!

Ceritakan 5 perkara yg paling anda suka tentang pasangan anda


Bilakah tarikh anda couple?


Lagu tema cinta anda:


Apa perubahan yg ingin anda lihat dari pasangan anda?

now its annoying. i think this tag is for people with soulmate. i hate this! uhh!


cik ain
mish lolipop
kakak muse!

okey. enough for now.haha.


farah@pa'in said...

hey dude!! haha mOst of ur answer are kIv yerk..nways,wish u a good luck in ur fUture undertaking k a yOunger bOy;p

sHieLa said...

are you seriously 18??? wow! you look older than your age, of course i do not mean your physical look. sorry for stalking anyway~ ^_^

fitri oh fitri said...

hehe. yes i'm 18.

thnks for the tag pain!
dats ok shiela. i always got stalkers. haha! =P

rossoneri said...

hahaha sian kene jwb tag nih...adeiii

fitri oh fitri said...

haha., thu xpa. haha