Saturday, March 6, 2010

SONG REDONE; The Climb by Miley Cyrus, REQUESTED

readers and listeners,

this is the song from the movie that turn Miley Cyrus into the Hollywood Richest Teenager; Hannah Montana The Movie, and i am a big fan of it! haha. i like it damn much!

this song, is requested by
thru her Facebook account!

this post is settled with a stand-by player, just wait, and click to play


you can always download it! CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

here it is,
The Climb Piano Cover by Fitri

thank you for the request WANA.

for previous song download; click the link below!



Hazy Piano Cover.mp3

i believe i can fly.mp3

I Turn to you Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

The Climb Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3

When You're Gone and Keep Holding on Mashed-up Piano Cover by Fitri.mp3



ninis said...

kena request kat fb jgk ke?is it?ok,me want taylor swift.swift2.pliz2.yes,please.

fitri oh fitri said...

sabo la ninis. hehe. ade 2-3 request lg blom buwat. ur turn will soon come!

ninis said...

haha.ok fitri.before 27hb can arh?tehee~

fitri oh fitri said...

sure, xpekn lagu ape2 pon, asal kaka swift yg nyanyi?

ninis said...

yupp2.ape2 pon lovely kaka swift.ngee~thanks fitri! ^__^

fitri oh fitri said...

no hal ninis, just wait ok! hehe.

•✿•fitri ain•✿• said...

nak lg taylor gak..suke dy~

fitri oh fitri said...

ouh, nanti la! haha

Aldi said...

malem...nice blog, plis follow me

fitri oh fitri said...

ok aldi! hehe

asha said...

wow! nice blog.
u pndai men piano?? great!

fitri oh fitri said...

thnx asha!~
yep! hehe. skt2 shj!

kenwooi said...

i dont really like her.. =)

fitri oh fitri said...

i like her like forever! haha

sayuri said...

waaa nak2 gak!
lgu two is better than one!
pandai men piano?

rossoneri said...

fitri, nak tanyalah..soryla agak menyimpang dr tajuk, kan fitri letak video neh,guna macam mana ek,sbb dlu bley upload video guna blog, tp skrg dah xada..hanya bley embedded video dr youtube je..

fitri oh fitri said...

@sayuri; looking forward for that song cover!

@rossoneri; skrg pon bole upload vids gne blogspot.
btw, tuh bkn vids, tuh adalah, mp3 streaming, cuma ada gamba gedik2 lampu2 neon shj! haha