Saturday, February 20, 2010

wakes up early in the morning; doing Halal job on the street.

dear readers,

i woke up early this morning, going to finished up my motorcycle driving lesson.

after that, my dad took me to his pal's shop, waiting for him to go and buy some breakfast.

then, a scene caught my eye.

there was this old guy, with fish in his hands, traveled around the city, with his foot on the ground, without a transportation, looking for customer, the Halal way.

he was really determined to get Halal money to venture his family and fishes.

so, the moral value is, work hard and get blessed.

thats all folks,
thank you.


Markjue said...

Oh yeah, I thought the DAY vehicle is his. hahaha

fitri oh fitri said...

wah, tak. it belongs to the pak cik, not the one who smokes. thats my dad. haha

Anonymous said...

pergh, tabik arr pak cik nih! :)

fitri oh fitri said...

tuh la pasal. gila gigih.

Mr.Z said...

wah, bagus pakcik tuh.. ;)

dHiLa RoZi said...

at least pakcik tu berusaha...

ayeesha qist said...

:) hard and determine:)

fitri oh fitri said...

kita pon patot jd macam dia laaa, i mean bukan jual ikan,

gigih berusaha

bhahmz said...


pakcik ni..mmg den RESPECT! ssh nk cari org2 cmni zaman skarang..T.T

kbanyakan org skang taw duet cpt je..xdek pk haram halal T.T

contoh: org2 yg mkn duet ank yatim n pelacur..T.T

fitri oh fitri said...

wah, thu xpa. bgs kan pak cik nih,.

usaha tangga kejayaan!