Monday, February 1, 2010

coming in your way; SONGS REDONE

hey readers..

so, due to boredom that strikes almost everyday, i tend to record my music; piano and my own voice singing to songs i play.

this is apart from the industrious works of the indies, that have been inspiring me and everyone through the nation!

since now, i have recorded 5 songs, from recent artist and older, because i love classic.

here are some songs:-

  • Crazier by Taylor Swift
  • No Boundaries by Kris Allen
  • Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
  • Kenangan terindah by Samson
  • Hari ini dan semalam by Sixth Sense
those are the songs i had recorded, still, its not online, because of several difficulties, and i bet, its coming your way. i'll be uploading later.

and i am thumbing myself up for a request! try me!

dont forget to listen to me, in my next blog post.
this brings you guys one step closer to me. hear me. feel me. know me.

so, cheer up, i coming soon!

ouh, almost forgot, have i told you that they are all in piano version?!
yes, it is. in fact, it is simple, but harmony enough. try it soon!
be patient!

supporting indie!


Wan Nur Aishah Wan Ali said...

I'd like to hear Crazier & Breakaway :)

Update me with this.

fitri oh fitri said...

ouh, owke dowke. but, there is a prob bout breakaway, the recording is not good, but i cut it till the part, "and breakaway".. happy to do so!