Monday, February 8, 2010

Latest news for SPM HUNKS and GALS

dear readers,
the picture: shocked!
first; WHAT?!

browsing through the net may help calm us down. kami-kami SPM sahaja.

then, something came up, a trustful friend of mine commented on my wall post in facebook.

she is KIA SATINA. doubtful? ask her. click.

so, we talked, we laughed, we were even near to death; fainted a moment due to such news.
she told me that he's uncle is a people; might be somebody at the KPM, told her that the Education board had announced the notice of the date where it will be announced late February.

a friend of mine, i've met him late today, at Yakin Pandu, told me so too. rumored at 28 February.

WHat is happening, i'm not even ready for it. do you? gila!

thats all.thanks!


Muhamad Zulkifly Che Anawi said...


cj'alhafiz said...

y?? still want to lazy your body huh..??
it's a good news bro!!!
better setting ur ultimate goals right now!!!

fitri oh fitri said...

serious weh.

cj'alhafiz; gee.. i dunno wat to say, best jgk laze around. haha

.:hanif.razali:. said...

OMG..i'm not ready for it..but i also heard bout the rumours

Khatijah Hamid said...

OMG !!!! i'm dead !

fitri oh fitri said...

dont be jst dead, be drop dead! haha

Ernisha Saib said...

gler laa :O

fitri oh fitri said...

what worrying yu?
you're already in ur way to russia?!

Anonymous said...

hopefully result semua org ok... huhu. T__T

fitri oh fitri said...

serious. memang lah memerlukan result yg okey.

KaorU IchibaNa said...

sy number 85.thx for tak der chatbox ke?