Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SONG REDONE: Hazy by Rosi Golan

readers and listeners

its been a while since i last updated my blog with my piano cover, so, heres another piano cover by me.

i bet that not all of you readers have listen to this song, you even barely know that a singer, Rosi Golan exists.

if you have been watching one tree hill, then , you'll know her. this is a beautiful song by her, and actually, its acoustic but i download the sheets online and play with my piano. i hope you guys love it.

buffered player; click to play

or feel free to download if you do not prefer waiting. click to download.

previous songs;

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thats all people.
love you all.


Frantz-Senpai said...

bro.. matikan "word verfication" nie.. x ader makna kalau ader pun

fitri oh fitri said...

laaa, ade ke? igtkn xda. okeh2. thnx.

enyheartsdiamond said...

sepi ke u?
same here sometimes;)

fitri oh fitri said...

hahaha, sepi. sometimes. haha

محمد فردوس سعد said...

sepi baca quran bnyk2..hehe..

salam ziarah..


fitri oh fitri said...

huhu. baek2 firdaus.

cj'alhafiz said...

i love the soothing sense of your piano.. but Fit, i can't really catch the words you are singing.... try to make it clearer nex time k..

fitri oh fitri said...

oke, the same comment i got from my mom, haha. thnx! i will.