Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doctor ka? Engineer?

dear readers,

mood: need help
what for: filling up UPU form, second phase

today, i have no post for song redone, i'm on my way to finish my final touch-up of Breakaway, by Kelly. wait for it.

so, this is a major confusion and dilemma.
fyi, SPM released student have to fill up such form they call UPU in order to enable them to stuck theirslf in IPTA or any IPTS.
in the form, according to a respectful source from facebook, they would like to have our choice on what field will we work on.

heres the dilemma.
i love reading and my mom agrees that i should take MEDIC COURSE.


4 years of study compared to 6 years of study is way much better for me to take ENGINEERING. especially chemicals.

so any pros and cons, discuss.

any help from senior engineers or doctors? or maybe their to-bes?



i am mai said...

engineering le. nuff said. doctors are boring~~~

and life ain't limited to taking either of them.

take pure science, or economics, psychology... that'll be much more interesting.

fitri oh fitri said...

i wish i know how. help me mai!

Muhamad Zulkifly Che Anawi said...

I think you better take psychology course. That suites you so much, hence you can be like our lovely adorable counselor in PT- MR.N (not real name) hahahahaha

fitri oh fitri said...

duh?! is it like obvious that u put the name there with an initial M?!

people r not stupid u noe! haha

btw, psychoology??
please.. i need a physce to get straight! haha

ZihNuN FaTiN said...

follow your heart if you think that is the best for you..=)

thanx for intai2 my blog..hehehe

fitri oh fitri said...

i should..

no probs!

::sang musafir bertopi:: said...

jadi penyanyi la...namo lagi penyanyi maktab...ko penyanyi lagu maktab?haha.

mane2 bendo pun ade pros ngan cons nye...kalu tak suka maths - amik medic.haha...(antara sebab biasa budak2 amik medic)

cj'alhafiz said...

i don't really now how to give a good opinion..
since i'm not in studying in either fields..
but....i'm a science student (health scn to be precise) and i noe how medical studs life is. U know bro......they work so very hard to be a doctor. it's not an easy course. But...if I've the right to giv suggestion... do medic and be a doctor. life would be quite hectic but u can bring miracles to our society.....

no matter what isay...u've the right for ur future buddy. i wish u good luck.

fitri oh fitri said...

musafir bertopi aka ammar; ngop. nyanyi? haha. xthu la.

cj; thanks, nice btw.

Sya Isya said...

both also can la fitri..what u really want to be actually? is not soooo best be an life also hectic. depends on the workplace. but being engnrg student,, no need to read and remember so many things, just understand the concept, then can huhahuha.. doctor life, i don't know, but sometimes i hate doctor treated patient cincai2...if u like reading, then go for medic lor..

by the way, d choice is urs. all d best..

fitri oh fitri said...

tuh la masalah nya sya isya. maseh terkapai2. result dah la nak kuar.

Sya Isya said...

istikharah je..lagipun sometimes kt x dpt pun apa yg kita minta..akk suka bio, minta sume more on bio, dapat chemical..suka tak suka, teruskan juga..sampai grade, pastu jadi ahli kimia..wakaka..x minat pun kimia padahalnya..

Anonymous said...

frankly speaking, aku xtaw kenapa org ske sgt engine..
medic lagi best kot?
study mmg lama, but who cares?
byk thrill oo ambik medic. trust me!

ceyt, cam jual product lak. hehe.

fitri oh fitri said...

hey, know something?! everything new is a thrill, i love new things. i can be on both sides, and still; CONFUSED!