Wednesday, February 3, 2010

criminal caught

oh readers,

the title should be criminals caught!
hence, it was not.

so, the bright day, is certainly another good day for my ICT Lesson at Cosmopoint, but it was also a very bad day for criminologist to start committing dare devil actions especially in public.

after a period of lesson of Audio editing, i went down and was on my way to 7-11 to crunch my hunger. therefore, i saw an incident, in front of my eyes, a criminal caught red-handed. He, was believed an Indonesian, was trying to steal a motorcycle together with his partner who had ran away from the very beginning.

he was not just caught in the scene, he was also given a blast of hits of atoms and helmet on his back, spine, head and even stomach.

at first, i thought he would rather die on the spot, but he wasnt even bleeding. is that a miracle or what. people hit him non-stop, its an unfortunate scene, but yet, a very thoughtful one, because it thought us that crimes get paid sooner or later.

the owner of the about-to-be-stolen bike, started with a high kick on the back and struggled with the theif. he then, screamed for help and the public, passerby, on lookers, students of cosmopoint headed to the incident and beat him up on the ground, and he tried to escaped, but, it was no good, he was then beaten again. until the police come, he was arrested and fought the police too.

see, some of the pic! below. its quite bad because the phone is pathethic!

i'm standing about in front of the incident, cant even imagine how much does it hurt, and the feeling of hatred casted a spell over all people there that they felt like joining the streets and start biting the old frat man.

thats all.

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